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What do you do if the other party claims they did not sign the quik claim deed basically saying it was fraud?


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That's why most documents like that are signed in the presence of a notary or lawyer, depending on the State.

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Go to small claims court.

It would be fraud to make such a claim. Only the owner of the trademark can make such a claim.

They might. If they have reason to believe you have filed a number of similar claims they may investigate you for fraud, and may investigate at random. If you have a legitimate claim, don't let this concern keep you from filing it.

There are many reasons a fraud investigation might take place in the United Kingdom. The UK Social Security department has a fraud department that often investigates suspicious claims and so a team or a person might investigate a fraudulent Social Security claim made by an individual or individuals.

Porter Stansberry is a known scam artist successfully sued for fraud. The court stated, "Stansberry's conduct undoubtedly involved deliberate fraud, making statements that he knew to be false." If he predicted their downfall as he claims, he should refer to verifiable documentation of the prediction. He has referred to nothing and I have found nothing, so his claim isn't plausible.

Not legally no. If your teenager resides with you and has a license or permit, They should be listed on your policy. If not, an accident or claim could be denied because the insurance company was not informed of this risk. This is sometimes referred to as "Fraud by Concealment" of a known driver. An insurer does not have to pay claims that arise from fraud. Insurers will often pay these types of claims not because the teenager was a covered driver, but rather under a Parental Negligence claim. Your auto insurance will pay claims that arise from negligence of the Insured. If you are a household resident family member or a regular operator then you are required to be scheduled on the policy for coverage.

Excluded drivers are "NOT" covered on that policy. That's the point of excluding them from coverage. This is insurance fraud and they will not pay.

Sure, So long as you disclose the previous claim to the new company. Failure to inform the new insurance company of previous claims is insurance fraud by omission of a known fact and is a felony offense. Should the new insurer find out that you intentionally tried to conceal the previous claims they can deny any and all coverage under the new policy.

No, if you file another claim on it then it might be.

What evidence do they say they have?AnswerStop filing fraudulent claims.

To claim more than you need to complete the task is basically dishonest. When you claim that you have worked for longer than you have, even if you have worked harder and smarter than someone else finding themselves in your position, you are making a false claim which is fraudulent.

In a word no. They are not a fraud or a scam. Definition of fraud is 'a deliberate deception or cheating intended to gain an advantage. Scam being the slang for fraud. What they do is perfectly legal. Some claims are more awkward than others so using a third party can at times be helpful, even if just to assist in making it easier for the claimant. They work on a 'No Win No Fee' basis. This indicates that they have to do work for you before they take the case on. Essentially insuring the case will win. Of course they are going to want to be paid for that work as well as all the other work once the claim is under way. Beware of companies that charge 'up front fees' for this type of work. My advice is use them if you feel it will help but stay in very regular contact to keep up to date with how your claim is going. They should be able to tell you.

The allegation of fraud in a complaint in a lawsuit does not prevent the discharge of the underlying claim. The creditor would have to object to discharge in the bankruptcy court on the grounds of fraud and prove to the court's satisfaction that there was fraud of the kind that bars discharge

I would think after two you should be looking for a insurance fraud investigator to be trailing you. * There are not limits to the filing of legitimate claims. There are many hazardous jobs, especially in "blue collar" industries where workers can be injured on more than one occasion. Benefits are awarded on the merits of the claim and nothing else.

Some people claim that they can talk (pray) to God.A: 2There is a significant difference between the notion of talking to God and communicating with God. There is a very strong possibility that the person who claims that he/she can talk to God is no different from those who claim to have an invisible friend which only he/she can see and talk to. If someone claims that he/she can communicate with God it would be clearly demonstrated by their righteous choices and ethical conduct. Anyone who claims to have a special relationship with God but exhibit such disgusting characteristics as greed, selfishness, prejudice and arrogance is truly a charlatan/fraud.

Insurance fraud - have fun in jail + fines.

Yes, as long as the claim did not involve fraud.

When people abuse the system by putting in claims for non-existent reasons.

No, that wouldn't be a reason for claim denial. It may be a reason for them to investigate you for insurance fraud.

One can guard against Medicaid fraud by looking after any documentation provided for claims. One can also report anyone they suspect of offering fraudulent treatments.

Paul Jesilow has written: 'Prescription for profit' -- subject(s): Fraud, Insurance Claim Reporting, Malpractice, Medicaid, Medicaid fraud, Physicians

Filing 2 claims for the same damage or incident would be considered fraud, and is prosecutable.

Yes there are many reasons your policy could be cancelled whether or not you have a claim pending, such as when we fail to make premium payments or certain other factors such as DUI, DWI or claims that result from concealment or fraud that may render you no longer eligible for the insurance program you had with the company. As for cancelling your policy due to a claim. No, Insurance companies in the U.S. do not cancel your policy simply because you have a claim. Additionally if you've had too many claims that make you no longer eligible for the program or claims resulting from negligence or if the company perceives a moral hazard then your policy could also be non renewed. It's not the same as a cancellation it just mean that they will not renew the policy for another term. Happy Motoring

Penalty for Insurance FraudFine? Perhaps you meant to ask what is the Penalty for Insurance "Fraud"? Most US states hand out terms of up to 20 years in Prison for insurance fraud. It is a Felony. Should the fraud have cost the Insurance Company or some other driver to suffer a financial loss, Then you as the Defrauder would also be financially liable to those parties.Basically the Illegal alien friend if not named on the policy as an Insured driver is "Un-insured" regardless of immigrant status. An Insurance Company does not have to pay a claim or loss that is the result of fraud.

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