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get insurance Walk or ride the bus. * The above are two good options. Get insurance asap. You will then need to present this proof of insurance to the DMV and pay the fine to get the suspension removed. In NY State, you are offered the chance to provide proof of insurance within a certain time frame, and avoid the suspension. If you do not do so, you get the suspension, and then can either pay a certain amount per day charge to DMV until you get new insurance, or turn in the plates. If you do neither, your license and registration are suspended. If it is an "Indefinite Suspension", it lasts until you pay the fine. A "Definite Suspension" has an expiration date (i.e. you would not be able to register a car in NYS for a year after you turn in the plates.) Paying the fine for a "Definite Suspension" will NOT make the suspension end any sooner (e.g. you're ability to register a vehicle in NYS is suspended for a year, you pay the fine the next day, you STILL have 11 months and 29 days before you can register or re-register a new or current vehicle.) Each state is different. The above is just an example. Check with your state and see what their regulations are.

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Q: What do you do if the state suspends your license for not having insurance?
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If your license suspended in one state can you get it in another?

It is possible with some states, but not with every state. If you have a CDL (Commercial Drivers License) which gets suspended in one state, there is no state or territory of the US in which you'll be able to get licensed in while your license is suspended. Also note that the state which suspends your license also suspends your driving privileges in that state, so, if you did obtain a license from out of state, and were pulled over in the state where your license was suspended, it would still be treated as if you were driving on a suspended license.

Can your license be suspended for not having automobile insurance in nys?

Yes, if you are caught driving without insurance in any state, except New Hampshire, you're license will be suspended.

Can you get your driver's license without having a car or insurance without going under any others insurance policy just stricktly having a driver's license in the state of Texas under the age of 18?

Yes, you do not have to own a vehicle to get a driver license.

How can you get the insurance agent license?

You can get an insurance license after successfully passing the state insurance exam but getting an insurance license involves other steps too which differ for every state. In order to find out the pre-licensing requirements for your state, contact your Department of Insurance and they will be able to assist you.

If a person voluntarily surrenders their California license and moves to another state and gets licensed and then California suspends the CA license will that affect their new license or insurance?

I had this happen to me- After 9/11 all the DMV's are linked. I had to clear about my lic. in NY before I could get a lic. in MN. And the insurance companies can pull up a complete driving record, but I don't know if that will effect your rate.

What is a non resident insurance license?

A nonresident insurance license is a license to solicit, quote, negotiate or write insurance in a state outside of your resident state. You must carry a resident license in your home state prior to obtaining a nonresident license in any other state. Fees and requirements vary from state to state and depend upon the lines of authority requested on the application.

Can a felon obtain an insurance license?

In my state it is not possible for a felon to be a licensed insurance producer, but it could depend on the laws of your state. In my state, if you are convicted of a felony after you already have a license, the license is automatically revoked.

Do you need a drivers license in a state to get auto insurance in that state?

This is a question that depends on the policies of individual insurance carriers. Some companies require you to have a license in the state but most do not. Most companies will let you keep your current license until the license renews then you must get a license in the state where you live.

Can Virginia suspend a Tennessee license?

A state suspends the driver not the license. If I (with a UK license) was suspended from driving in Virginia, I'd be unable to drive there. So, yes they can. Whether or not they tell Tennessee is another matter.

How do you get a license to sell homeowners insurance?

Check with you state insurance department.

If your insurance company denies a claim can the state revoke your driver license just as if you were carrying NO insurance?

Yes, If you are in an at fault accident for which your state law requires you carry the appropriate coverage and the insurance you bought does not cover it. Then you were in fact uninsured for that accident and you are not in compliance with your state law regarding your financial responsibility.Basically it means that you did not have the minimum coverage required by your state.

Can an insurance co give you insurance without a license?

yes in my state i had to get insurance before i could get my license back Yes, Every State requires you have an insured vehicle before before you can even take the driving test to get your license.

Why would your driver license be suspended in fl?

There could be several reasons. If you don't know why your licence is suspended, I would venture to say that you most likely forgot to or refused to pay some sort of traffic related fine for a citation you were issued in the state of Florida. You would need to contact the Florida Division of Motor Vehicles to find out the details regarding your situation.Additional: Also, in the state of FL, the vehicle registration files and the drivers license files are linked. In FL, insurance companies are required to report your insurance status to the state. If your insurance company notifies the state that you did not renew your vehicles insurance coverage, the system automatically suspends your drivers license.

Can you get car insurance with an out of state license?

Normally yes. Insurance companies are concerned that they insure drivers with valid drivers license, the State where it is issued is really not a concern.

Do you need a license to sell commercial insurance in Texas?

Yes, you need an insurance license to sell any kind of insurance in Texas. For "Commercial Insurance" operations, you will need a Property and Casualty Insurance License form the state of Texas.

Can i get car insurance without having a car?

You can purchase a non-owner policy which is used occasionally if a person is required by the state to carry valid insurance in order to keep your license.

What courses do I need to take to get an insurance license?

It depends on the state - try a google search for insurance license, or check out

How do you get an auto insurance license?

All insurance license is regulated to the state. Check with your state department of insurance website. Typically, you need to study and may have to attend classes. You will be required to test your proficiency in your knowledge of the insurance as required by the state. You must pay a license fee and attend continuing education throughout the years.

If you move to another state will tickets in your current state affect your license or insurance?

Yes, if you move to another state, a ticket from your current state can affect your insurance. It can also affect your driver's license depending on what the ticket was for and if points were credited to your driver's license.

Can you have a drivers license from one state and insurance from another state?


Do you need a drivers license to get car insurance in California?

I think you need to get a driver's license in any state to get car insurance period. An insurance company will not supply you with insurance if they don't have proof that you are licensed to do so. My suggestion to you...get a license!

Does a car insurance specialist have to have a license?

Yes, all insurance agents must pass a state insurance license test, pass background checks, and other requirements to receive a license to sell any type of insurance.

Can you get your License to sell Life Insurance if you have a DUI misdemeanor in the state of California?

Contact your State Department of Insurance and they can tell you.

What is the requirement to sell insurance in Mississippi?

An Insurance License is required to sell insurance in any U.S. State.

Can an English citizen get auto insurance in America?

Yes, having been in the US from 1997 I have found it is possible to get auto insurance however it is probably easier to get it once you have a state driving license.