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Try restarting it. Hold down the power button until it turns off, and then turn it back on. If it still doesn't work, it will have to be brought to Apple for service.

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calibrate it

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Q: What do you do if the touch screen stops working on your cellphone?
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What does it mean if your ipod touch screen stops working completely?

That happened to me and all I did was plug it into iTunes, waited till the next day and when I went to unplug it, it was fine! If this doesn't work it is probably toast!

What happens if your ipod touch get water inside?

The ipod touch stops working. Unless it had a protective case.

Why is my Touch screen on lg ku990 not working?


Does Verizon wireless stores sell iPod touch 5th generations?

No. Verizon is a cellphone supplier, and the Touch is not a cellphone.

Which phone is better quickfire or iphone?

well definitely not the quickfire because it was recently recalled due to the poor response of the touch screen.(touch screen not always working)

What is the use of capacitor in touch operated system?

Capacitors are used on touch screen technology. mystery of using capacitor in touch screen is the working principle of capacitor . when you touch the screen the distance between two plates inside screen will change(by pressing) and this will cause the change in capacitance and hence in voltage and this signal fed to processor to process it. and that behind the use of capacitor in touch screen.

SE G900 touch screen not working?

I got this phone few months back. Today it fell on the ground with the touch screen facing down now the touch screen won't work. Any way I can fix this? I've tried almost everything D;

Can non touch screen can be a touch screen?

You can infact change any LCD screen to a touch screen display. If you wish to use the touch screen as a display and input device you must install other software on your computer to recognise the touch screen input.

Can you send music from ipod touch to cellphone?


Does the LG rumor have a touch screen?

the rumor touch does have a touch screen.

What exactly is a CalComp digitizer?

A CalComp digitizer is the touch screen of a phone, tablet or computer that senses the touch of your finger. A digitizer can be replaced if it is not working correctly.

Why can a non touch screen not be a touch screen?

Because the outside has put one touch screen panel, so then any LCD/LED can change as touch screen.