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talk to both of them but keep it on the low so they wont find out about eachother talk to both of them but keep it on the low so they wont find out about eachother Depends on your age. If you are in your teens or early 20s and not interested in a serious relationship, tell them you are dating other people if they ask. Otherwise, juggle the dates in secret. If you are ready for a seriuos relationship, develope a T chart. Good/Bad List good or bad checks for each guy to the following questions 1) Does he treat you with respect and kindness?

2) Does he have a sense of humor?

3) Does he come from a loving family?

4) Does he like sports and wants you to go to games with him?

5) Does he go to your activities not because he enjoys them but to share in what you do?

6) Does he have a future and works hard for it?

7) Does he look at other women when he is with you?

8) Does he do his own laundry?

9) Does he know how to cook at all?

10) Does he try and fix things and support your issues? If you get more than one bad check dump the guy and your porblem is solved. Rememeber , your heart is for romance and passion, your mind is to keep you heart out of trouble.

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if you like two guys then hang out with them both and become friends. whichever one is more friendly and nice then hes probably your guy.

Invite them both over for a threesome.

The one with better intellect and commitment should be picked.

That is a common situation, I have been one of the two guys who like one girl. I would recommend that you be honest with both of them, but don't be to harsh, as it is a sensitive matter for the guys. Though, good luck.

You should only have one or you will create a love triangle and the two guys would fight

Both girls need to get to know both guys. Find out which one you really like. Or you could just share. It sounds stupid, but somehow some people can make it work.

It's okay to like two guys at the same time while you are deciding between them. However, you should make a decision sooner rather than later. It is unfair to lead them both on.

No it is not right because witch one marry. Girls do not like to share guys. Not to mention it's unbiblical.

Guys and girls are both NOT simple trust me!

I've answered this Q already, type in this for your question: What do you do when you can choose between 3 guys?

If both guys are okay with it then it wouldn't be bad. But it sure won't last long

well, you would still just like both of them, but not tell them that you like them. that's what i would do.. but i only like one guy so i don't have that problem. (:

None, guys who like girls are straight guys, gay guys are the ones who like guys.

I would tell the two of them how I felt and that you would only be friends the both of them and then date someone else that you don't have to choose between. PIMP THEM!!!

Sure she can, why not? Just be careful when you start dating two guys. They can get jealous.

No. A person who enjoys sex with both guys and girls is bisexual.

in my opinion you should gt to know both guys and which ever one you like more choose him.if that doesnt work then go for a different guy...its just easier that way!=]

It means you two can be in a relationship or you guys are like ultimate besties or even you both have great taste.

Get to know both of them really well and see which one you like better. Or just ask them! Don't be shy.

# well it means the like you # they don't like you # or both

If you are expecting both of them to get you something, then you should get them both something.

when you like both girls and guys

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