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What do you do if two people you have known for a long time are dating butyou love the girl and since she started dating this guy she wont even speak to you?


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July 12, 2008 5:48PM

well it sonds like u did something to make the girl mad or even scared. U need to apoligize and mean it. Then u can start hangin wit the girl again and if u are meant to b she will realize she made a mistake by daring hte other guy try to make the guy look like a bad person and maybe the girl will like you instead tell her how you feel, and if she ignores you, just ask her why shes acting this way. trust me. this happened to me. she dated my cousin. I told her. our relationship is going fine. Then again, she might just be trying to make you jealus. Is she your friend? if she ignored me, i would have grabbed her by her shoulders spun her to face me, looked her in the eyes, and hug her. that would be a good time to tell her, then while shes still surprised, walk away. trust me, she'll call or catch up to you to talk.