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There are no easy answers and each situation is different. Here are some suggestions:

  • I know that if you have other children it really does affect their mind set. He may have even gotten this habit from his father. If you do have other children, call social services immediately because not only you are being hurt you should think about what is best for him and the rest of your family. and you should do it fast before he goes too far, you never know if or when he may crack and maybe seriously hurt you or a loved one.
  • If he does not have a fatherly figure in his live then get someone who is a family friend to talk to him through his problems and what it is he needs or what makes him so angry. If he's just bullying you for no reason try taking away some rewards - maybe his allowance or something. If all else fails try counseling and then hopefully it will get through to him what he is doing is wrong. If you have any other children that are being affected by his actions maybe social services are best . This action has to stop with you son now before something drastic happens to one or both of you.
  • If you give him conditions, or ultimatums, those only serve as warnings and when he abuses you again, you have to act. So, don't do that. Set up an exit strategy and get moving on it as soon as possible. Immediately remove yourself from his reach. Change the locks. Close your bank account if he has access to it and set up another at another bank that he cannot get to. Obtain a post office box so you have control of your mail. You gave your son life, love and a start in life and that is all you owe him. Unfortunately, sometimes our plans for enjoying these people we raised just don't pan out and you have to let them go. If you find that the son can manipulate you into anything despite your best intentions, set up expectations that he has to provide the need for money, housing, food in writing and that you will provide as you wish...or not. Make sure he has made some movement on his own to solve the problem--don't solve it for him. When you don't provide these things, he will definitely find someone else to provide it for him and when he runs out of friends, he will hopefully do it himself.
  • You should immediately stop your "unconditional love". If for masochistic reasons you still wish to engage this young person, my advice to you would be to condition your love. Sign a contract with him: you want my adoration, admiration, approval, warmth, you want my home and money available to you as an insurance policy? If you do these are my conditions and if he says that he doesn't want to have anything to do with you anymore count your blessings and let go.
  • Although these days people are more open minded than they used to be, it can be hard to face seeking assistance with filial abuse. Too often the assumption is made that as you are the mother it must be your fault, either for spoiling or abusing him, and this is far from always the case. There can be many other reasons, and all abusers are only too keen to pin the blame on their victims. You need to seek proper help, you need to go to a shelter, or a professional and explain what the situation is, in detail, and seek their advice. After that, I suspect you are going to have to place yourself outside your son's reach at least for a while, maybe for ever.
  • This was my position for years. For others in a similar situation: you are doubtless carrying a huge burden of guilt, constantly turning over in your mind "where did I go wrong?" Often, this is not really the issue. You, like me, probably made a similar number of mistakes to the average parent. But your narcissistic (NPD) son has decided that you are to blame for all that he perceives as unsatisfactory in his life. You have become a scapegoat. You need to get to the point of accepting that your son doesn't like you and possibly never will. Often, distance is the only solution.
  • Don't blame yourself for your son's abusive actions (I am assuming he is either an teenager). I am also assuming the abuse is physical. Tell him that you will no longer tolerate his abuse. The next time your son physically abuses you, have someone call the police or call them yourself. Make the police arrest him for assault and family violence. You may want to notify the police that you want a restraining order against your son that prohibits him from coming near you and your residence. If he is still a juvenile, when he is brought up on the charges, inform the judge and the prosecutor that you don't want him to receive a lenient sentence, make him serve jail time and try to see that he is mandated to go to mental counseling. Does this sound cruel? Maybe, to some people, but you sound like you love your son, despite what he has done to you. If he abuses you, he has the potential to abuse girlfriends, wives, or children, if he has any. His actions need to be prevented.
  • Unconditional love is important no matter how difficult it is and if this parent puts these conditions on love, respect, etc., then that will create emotional problems for him now and later and create a rift between parent and son. However, it is fine to put conditions on privileges such as going out with friends or playing Video Games. Negative labeling is inappropriate, too, and causes emotional problems instead of remedying anything. Don't increase his frustration. (I know that it may even be tempting to do so at this point!) If he is between the ages of nine and 14, then this is typical, but still inappropriate. It is a phase that you need to be firm with him through. Unfortunately kids do that kind of stuff these days, especially if these kids have divorced parents. If he threatens you with a knife or something similar, then get him sent to juvenile hall. Maybe you could bring up the possibility anyway, since most kids that age are afraid to get into trouble with the law. Maybe he'll reform when he sees that as a real possibility. A lot of kids do as much as they think they can get away with. If he is an older teenager, then he has serious problems with something and you either need to get him counseling or send him to boot camp or to some male figure who will put him in his place. Maybe you can do both the counseling and one of the others. If he is 18 or older, then you may just have to kick him out.
  • He needs to grow up and the only way he is going to achieve that is if he learns how to stand on his own two feet. My ex abusive partner did this to his mother (28 years old!) So she is used to being the source of abuse from her ex husband, his older brother (left when he was 30 after an argument and trashed her house and then turned around and said it was all her fault) and now him. She is now too afraid to live by herself, as she is a shell. She no longer has an identity! When he lived with me I expected him to act like an adult and he did, when we went to live with her to save for a house he turned into a spoiled little boy (the older one moved out a week before we moved in). He started to abuse me in front of her (he had never done anything like that before) and she once turned to me and said, 'I think some women deserve to be hit!' She created arguments between us. I got out fast. The scars are still healing and I wonder if I will ever be able to trust again as I was with this person for years until I saw his true nature. Don't indulge him and don't become addicted to abuse. Yes you are a mother a child is a gift, we help them to become healthy adults, if he pushes your boundaries then show him the door and let him find his own feet so he can become an adult. If he is still a teenager get some counseling. You are not doing anyone any favors by putting up with it, and you shouldn't. Be strong and don't let the bastards drag you down.
  • Perhaps a son learns to abuse his mother after witnessing the same abuse by the father to the mother. After several years of witnessing this the son begins to behave in the same way. Does he want to "parallel" himself with the father to win the approval of the father? I have three sons and only the first "copies" his father's behavior. If the father stopped the abuse then maybe the son would also stop. Short of divorce I no longer see a way "out" for the mother.
  • When you finally understand that your phenomenal offspring has become a privileged, entitled character who lacks appreciation or satisfaction of his demanding actions; recognize you as you have contributed to his concept of himself. Cut him off! Stop contributing with love, but with firm commitment. Let him experience the world fully for himself without your attitude creating a world that adores him, entitles him, etc. Mother birds leave their babes in the nest without food, in order for the baby to realize it's time for him to begin his own life without her contribution. It's the swiftest and hardest method for a mother to use, but it is necessary in an attempt to put that son outside a world created for him. What he does with his freedom is his choice, but at least, you are not prolonging the inevitable agony. Let him go to experience his own creativity while you're still around to offer suggestions and counseling he may be more likely to hear and appreciate.
  • You should make your son understand very firmly that you are not going to tolerate the problems he is creating. Firmness and assertiveness is the key here. Being emotional (angry or sad) is not going to be of much use with the narcissists. If you become emotional then it means that you are still in his clutch. You should try to totally ignore his tantrums and not to take his behaviour personally because whatever he is doing, he is doing it out of personality disorder. Though it is very difficult to achieve this mindset but it is not impossible. You will definitely do your duty towards your son but that does not mean that you will have to stand all the nuisance he is making. Finally you must stop blaming yourself because you are only the victim of circumstances and you should seek professional help.
  • When you are being abused by your adult son you keep him out of the house. Distance all contact with him. Remember how many times you over-looked what you thought was just his "eccentric nature". Once he became an adult he realized that any contract he made with his mother is not worth the paper it was written on. Besides, he is way too wonderful and superior to abide by the rules of a mere mortal. When, and only when you have proof that his life is again under control, you might try to see him in a public place; preferably in another town where you cannot be too badly humiliated by his violent temper tantrums. When heredity plays a part in the narcissistic psychopathic behavior of your son, above all, never be alone with your son and your husband at the same time. One will not protect you from the other. If you need rescuing from your son, your husband will never protect you. Rather than risk the wrath directed at himself he will join your son in tormenting you and he will enjoy it. Whether or not your son enjoys tormenting you is not the point. He will continue to do so as this is the only way he has ever managed to secure approval from his father. Though it is rare for your husband to abuse you in front of a witness he will do so in this case- if this is the only father and son activity they have ever enthusiastically shared.
  • Perhaps your love for your son is hurting him, no matter what your intentions. It's time for that bird to fly, mom.
  • As a mother of three children. One adult child, two teenagers still living at home. I can't comprehend or imagine what it would be like to be abused and afraid of my children. I have so much compassion for this mother. I have never experienced this situation, but the first thing I would do is call the police on this child. If anyone else laid a hand on me I would call the police. Why not call on the child? Before the police got there, my child would definitely know what abuse was. Where is the father? My husband would make the child understand that you don't lay a hand on your mother. Juvenile is a wonderful learning experience for wayward teenager.
  • When Teenagers Threaten A Parent He Probably Means What He Threatens: Generally the sons of today are bigger than their own fathers and certainly too much for a mother to handle alone. Obviously you can't deal with this alone and his threats may just come true as you are well aware of. You don't know if he's been doing drugs or alcohol or both. The next time he gets angry and verbally or physically abusive run next door and phone the police. Tell the police officers you are charging him with assault. The police take family violence very seriously. Have them take him away in handcuffs (they will anyway.) Press charges against him and hopefully a judge will see fit as to what treatment he will get from there. It's time to walk away from your son as you no longer have control of him and he has no control over himself. You have a responsibility not just to yourself, but any siblings or anyone else living in the house to have your out of control son arrested and charged. I know that it breaks a mother's heart to see her child (no matter what age) act in this manner. There are questions as to 'where did I go wrong' to 'but, I'm his mother and I should see him through to the bitter end.' You are not to blame as your son is old enough to know right from wrong. He chose the roads to go down and you had nothing to do with it. There are simply no excuses for him. If you don't have him arrested you put yourself and anyone else in that house at great risk. Don't ever underestimate a threat or physical abuse. Many teens do exactly as they threaten. It's time to stop being an enabler and get some help for your son.
  • I took mine to Family Court with the support of his school counselor. I had him put in a public school for special needs kids. He had ADHD and ODD and was very verbally abusive and threatining. It took him two years to earn his way back to mainstrem school and he knew the next stop was Juvie Camp. Lots of regimentation and Forestry service work. This woke him up to the fact that this Mamma don't play. He's 28 now and doesn't hold a grudge. He knew he would have ended up a drop-out , Juvenile Delinquent, or felon. I told him before I did this that it was my job to see him graduated with no criminal record. Job done and he's on his own 10 years now and all with no ADHD meds. Just counseling and consistent discipline from his Mother.
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Q: What do you do if you are being abused by your son?
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