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What do you do if you are in love right now and the person is madly in love with you but you have started to like someone else a lot?


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Are you bored with the first person? Do you need something to spice things up? Are you getting something from the new person you are not getting from the one you love? If your not engaged or married, Id say pursue both. No need to be tied down and being young. You have the rest of your life to commit. One thing I do recommend... Make sure you are for sure in your decision. Once you make a decision in a relationship its sometimes hard to go back, and undue the damage. Pride is a huge thing when it comes to the heart.


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Have you already explained the situation to that person? If not, then just say you are really sorry but you love someone else, and you hate to see them get hurt but you dont want to hurt the person you are with right now,

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