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Take deep breathes and stay calm. Don't think about how it is scary. Then, sit back and enjoy it.

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What should I do if I'm are scared of my shadow?

Never go out the house or go to the doctor and find out why your scared.

Was neil armstrong scared to go to the moon?

no not at all he was very determined to go to the moon and was not scared at all

What was Benjamin Franklin scared of?

He was scared that his country would go to war.

Why does your rabbit always go under things?

your may go under things if it is scared of something. my does that when its scared of a noise or someone who is loud.

How do you get your boyfriend to kiss you for the first time if you are both scared?

just go for it there;s nothing to be scared about

What to do if your scared of the dentist?

Get over your fear. I get scared of the dentist my self, but I just go because I know that I have to.

Is it completely wrong that rabbits are scared when their ears go down?

It is true that a rabbit's ears will go down when they are scared. So that isn't wrong.

What if you like someone but scared to ask him out?

Go for it!

Was Mae jemison scared to go to space?


What is the clause in this sentence your little brother will go to sleep with the light on because he is scared of the dark?

He is scared of the dark.

How do you get a guy that your scared to talk to to like you?

When you have a guy you like and are scared to go up to him just go and become his friend and that is when you will see if he really like you and if you really like him

How do you persuade your friend that you are not scared of camping?

Go camping with him/her.

Why do snakes camouflage?

Snake camouflage when they are scared or hunting for food and snakes are scared of us just as we are scared of them. So be careful where you go a snake might be right over you head.

Can turtles be scared?

Yes, they can be scared when you put your hand down to pick them up. That's why they go back into their shell for protection.

Great voice but you are to scared to go on Britain's Got Talent?

Try not to be scared - if you have the talent then be confident because they'll recognise it!

Why was Scrooge scared to go with the ghost of Christmas past?

Scrooge was scared of this spirit because he was going to show him the meaning of Christmas

Why do snakes use camouflage?

Snake camouflage when they are scared or hunting for food and snakes are scared of us just as we are scared of them. So be careful where you go a snake might be right over you head.

When was the the first roller coaster built?

Rollarcoasters first appeared during the 17th century throughout Russia, with a particular concentration in the area of in what would become St. Petersburg.

Why dont girls go topless?

bcuz they r scared

What does it mean when guinea pigs shakes if you go near?

He scared.

Does LeBron James go to church?

only when he gets scared

What do you do when you have all five of the scared items?

go to the apple tree

Was Sally Ride scared to go up in space?


Do dolphins go after human blood?

When scared or protecting there young

How do you overcome fear of seeing blood?

To stop you being scared of something is to do it something with the thing that you are scared of. For example, you are scared of spiders. You have to go near the spider, or maybe take it in your hands. Be always close to the thing that you are scared of. One day you will be used to the thing that you are scared of, you won't be scared of it any more. You will understand and know all the things about it and you will know, why was you scared of it and why you shouldn't be scared any more. So, maybe you should go somewhere where is blood, just look at it and calm yourself down. Don't go and look somewhere, where is lots of blood, maybe just look at a finger your friend had cut? There are different ways that you can stop yourself being scared of blood, but I think that this is the best way, but probably not the easiest, because you have to look closely, or maybe even touch it, the thing that you are scared of, but this method helps!(I didn't copy and paste).