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What do you do if you cannot afford to insure your car in new state because insurance will triple but you still need to use your car?


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2004-08-06 09:53:39
2004-08-06 09:53:39

You can shop around for a company with lower rates.


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The answer to this question is easy and is NO. You cannot insure a vehicle that you do not own. This is very important. If you did this and totaled the vehicle, the insurance cannot pay you for the damages because you do not own the vehicle and they cannot pay your Uncle because he does not have a contract of insurance with the insurance company.

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Perhaps you should sell the boat, because it wasn't such a wise idea buying a boat when you're not even sure you can afford to insure it. If you can't insure it, that is no bueno.

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You cannot insure a vehicle that is not titled in your name. If you did and the car was totaled the insurance company would not pay you because you are not the owner of the car and they cannot pay the true owner because they do not have a legal contract of insurance with the company.

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You cannot legally be sold auto insurance if you have no car to insure.

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No. You cannot insure something that you do not own. If you purchase insurance on a vehicle that you have no interest in the insurance company cannot pay you for any damage because you do not own the vehicle. They also cannot pay the owner because they have no contract with the insurance carrier. This is what is called material misrepresentation and will void all coverage on the vehicle. Do not get into this mess.

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