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You super glue it in

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โˆ™ 2007-10-07 18:15:49
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Q: What do you do if you cannot keep the gum shield in your mouth when asleep?
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How do you keep your mouth closed when sleeping?

Your body moves repeatedly while you are sleeping so there is no safe way to keep your mouth shut while you are asleep. Your mouth will automatically open if you are not getting enough air through your nose.

Why should you keep a handkerchief on your nose and mouth while sneezing?

we cannot control it when suddenly expel air from the nose and mouth due to irritation of the nostrils. we have to keep handkerchief on the nose and mouth

According to the spanish saying if you keep your mouth shut what cannot enter?

A fly.

Where do you get the Hufflepuff house crest on the dragons level of Lego Harry Potter?

When you have finished playing the tune that the dragon roars at you, he falls asleep with comical yellow 'z's' coming out of his mouth. When he falls asleep keep tapping the yellow key and you will get it.

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How do you put dogs asleep?

You pet their head until they start sleeping and you keep doing that until they are asleep.

Should a five year old suck on a cough drop while asleep?

Anything in the mouth when asleep can cause choking and death. The child can have the cough drop 10 minutes before bed, then have the child spit out any remaining portion and you take it out of the room to throw it away.

How do you keep a secret without lying?

"No comment" or "I cannot talk about or comment on that" or "Please don't ask me, I cannot talk about it" Or just plain keep your mouth shut when the the sacred subject comes up. Better yet, get up and leave.

Why do lifeguards bob their heads?

to keep from falling asleep

If you keep falling asleep at anytime is there something wrong with you?

I think you did not have enough sleep, or you get bored very easily. Try to test out these things to find out why you keep falling asleep

How do astronauts keep their mouth healthy in space?

what astronauts do to keep their mouth healthy is to brush their teeth obviously (and what do suits have to do with your mouth) NOTHING!

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because they are poops

What is it called when you keep falling asleep uncontrolably?

It is called narcolepsy.

What do you do to fall asleep in 20 seconds?

Keep your eyes open

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Mother hamsters out their young in their mouth to keep them out of danger, to keep them warm or to keep them from fighting with each other. And no, the mother's are not eating them: the dad does that. That is another reason why the mom's keep them in their mouth.

Why does my female bunny keep hay in her mouth all the time?

Why does my female bunny keep hay in her mouth all the time?

Why is dog's breath better than human's breath?

Because we brush our teeth then sleep and while we're asleep our mouth is dry and smells bad. Dogs on the other hand always keep their mouths wet and so there is your explanation. Actually the human mouth has many more types of bacteria than that of a canine, which is why you find more odors in the human mouth.

Why the doesn't stick in your mouth?

Because the saliva have chemicals that keep your mouth wet, and gum doesn't sticks in a place with water or a liquid. Your mouth keep the gum wet.

How many minutes should you keep salt on a mouth ulcer?

You should keep salt on a mouth ulcer for about 5 minutes.

What happens when you keep nuts in your mouth?

You Swallow Or you slobber Or your mouth chokes You Swallow Or you slobber Or your mouth chokes

Why do your feet keep falling asleep?

Sounds like a problem with circulation. You need to move around more to keep your blood moving. If you sit too long or sit on your feet, they "fall asleep." Move them more often, get up, walk around, and your feet will not fall asleep so much.

What do you do if you cannot fall asleep?

What I've learned is to do this weird muscle relaxing exercise. - First, you clench your toes for five seconds. then, let go. - Then, clench your knees for five seconds. Then, let go. Now keep doing that for your hips, stomach, shoulders, then, your eyes. Now, imagine yourself walking slowly along a beach or a forest. now keep exploring and eventually you'll fall asleep.

How do you defrost mice?

keep them in your mouth.