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A boyfriend is cheating on me and he doesn t know tat you know and you don t want to breack up with him cause you really like him what do you do?

Break up with him because he isn't worth your time if he is cheating on you. He also obviously thinks what she has is better.

Do the paparazzis annoy the famous celebrities?

yes they do you have to be very carful otherwise you might get caught by paparazzi when mostly your upset like when miley was caught where ex boyfriend nicks t shirt which i dont think she enjoyed

Who is paula creamers boyfriend?

"T" for my boyfriend, Tarik

Is Jake t Austin going to be your boyfriend?

my boyfriend? i hope so in the future!

Does mikela Parker have a boyfriend?

yes she don t yes she don t

What is accaughtt in lateral thinking?

accaughtt is caught in the act because ac(caught)t there you go :) <3

Is Vanessa hudgen lasbian?

no she isn´t . she has a boyfriend...

i have sprint service @ my boyfriend has at@t service but i wanna track him @ see where he is at but?

i have sprint service @ my boyfriend has at@t service but i wanna track him @ see where he is at but cant find the right app

Free AT and T promo codes?

dont ask quetions like that! Its called cheating

Is texting cheating?

To some yes and to others no.When texting it can lead to other stuff especially when there is someone in your life because the thrill of not being caught. and if you are really feeling someone why text some one else UNLESS YOU AREN"T HAPPY -sky08

Who is frenchies boyfriend in grease?

Frenchy's boyfriend in grease is called Doody by The T-Birds and The students at rydell high !

Should you leave your boyfriend for your ex boyfriend?

Well, do you like your ex more than your current boyfriend? This is a difficult one. The only advice I can offer is that you shouldn`t break up with your currnt one if you find out that your ex isn`t willing to forgive you.

If a substance effervesces is there a chemical reaction taking place?

no because, you shouln`t be cheating on your homework.

Why do you feel like cheating on your husband of nine years?

b/c you love him but you aren"t IN LOVE with him

Dose Megan Fox have a boyfriend if she does who is it?

Yes. Mike T. ( Bigfootowns on Youtube ) ...

Are MISS G and MR T having something?

A secret boyfriend and girlfriend.

What happens on paul revere's big ride?

he gets caught and doesn`t finish

When is swordfish saeson?

There isn`t one swordies can be caught whenever but beware the tunas.

How t fix a relationship after cheating on them?

Seek forgiveness. If they don't forgive you, I'm sorry to say there's no hope.

Why can t you copy the work of others?

Because it is cheating! You can copy others'work,if iy does not infringe copyright or patent law!

How many guns did ti get caught with?

Rapper T. I was arrested on federal gun charges in 2007. He was caught with 8 unregistered guns and marijuana the day he was arrested.

What is Ryan Shecklers t-shirt size?

hi Ryan sheckler is are boyfriend his t shirt size XL large in men

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