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Oh yes, the "I need my space" line. It means she wants to keep you dangling on a string while she feels completely free and without guilt dating other guys. Since she is asking her friends about you she is obviously still interested in you. This gal wants her cake and eat it too. Start dating and give those friends of hers something to tell her. Don't ever use a girl to get back at her, but just move on and find a nice girl that you deserve. No one like playing love games and she's hurt you. Let your ex have all the space she wants! Good luck Marcy

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Why does your ex-boyfriend's group of friends always stare at you whenever they see you when you never talk to them or your ex who has a new girlfriend for the past 6 months?

Because he told them about you.

How long is fuel viable sitting in a broken down cars gas tank?

After about 6 months gasoline breaks down and is almost unusable.After about 6 months gasoline breaks down and is almost unusable.

How do you know if a condom breaks?

You'll find out in 9 months

How are you supposed to have a short kiss?

The way you have a short kiss is you first have one long kiss occasionally and you can have short kisses anytime after that whenever you want. But remember DO NOT KISS A GUY YOU DATED FOR OVER 7 MONTHS If you date someone for over 7 months you should kindly break up with them in case you wanna go back and pick someone new for 7 months. I am telling you with lots of experience things will get awkward if you dont break up with them after 7 months. Then date someone that YOU really like no matter what your friends think because if you like them then your friends should too, after a while and if you see good in them your friends should too or they are not your friends.

How many months is it until in new moon that Edward breaks up with Bella and before the chapters start again?

5 months

If 6 months is called halfyearly What is 9 months called?


When should I introduce my boyfriend to my parents?

Within 3 months or whenever you both feel you should.

Where should a relationship be in 6 months?

NOT on the status of 'friends.'

When does a women's water break when she is 9 months?

a womens water breaks to know that the baby has to come out

Did Hugh grant have a film called 9 months 80 months 53 months or 50 months?

9 months!

Can you water breaks at 7 months during sec?

no you cant if you do your very lucky but that will mean that your babys unhealthy

What disadvantage of mariners?

Weeks and months away from friends and family.

Currently you are pregnant three months and your breast leaking water?

I am pregnent three months and my breast leaking whenever its pressing or lying down like water no pain at all

What age should you start milking a dairy heifer?

Whenever and after she calves, which is usually at around 24 months of age.

Can you be friends with an ex of 3 months after he cheated I just can't do it?

yes just tell him that you only want to be friends

I have been with my boyfriens almost 3 months he never introduce me to any of his family or friends?

If you have been with your boyfriend for almost 3 months but he has never introduced you to his family or friends, then he is seeing somebody else.

How many months before the wedding should you have an engagement party?

Whenever you want to have one. I never had one. Unless you come from a prominent family, then most young women don't have an engagement party unless she decides to have one. If you and your future spouse are excited and bursting at the seams with excitement, then the two of you throw a party for just friends, or family and friends. Nothing wrong with that.

If the father of your baby breaks up with you when your 7 months pregnant does it mean he is just scared or he doesn't love you?

It depends.

What is every 4 months of year called?

Every three months is called a quarter. And there are four quarters in a year.

Is he cheating if he has not called in days and you haven't seen him in three months?

* If he is your boyfriend then yes, it sounds that at least he has lost interest in you. A boyfriend should spend weekends with his girlfriend whenever possible and perhaps phone her once or twice a week to just touch base. It's time you stopped waiting for him to turn up and start getting out with your friends and opening yourself up to get back out in the dating circuit. No one is worth what you are going through. If a man knows you are waiting for him for months on end he will lose respect for you.

Quarterly is 3 months what are 4 months a year called?


When Cara and Mady start walking?

I hae heard they started walking t 11 months by my friends who are friends with the Gosselins.

If your baby is due on November 14Th what day did you conceived?

9 months from the due date!!! whenever you had sex and you found out you were pregnant

Can a pregnant horse be broken?

Well, you can ride a horse during the spring,summer, or whenever you breed it . Just don't ride it at the last 3-4 months. A horse is pregent for 11 months.

How do you be best friends?

OK first you need to know that person well. Then be friends for a months, then go for the kill and ask if we are best friends. But Alejandro Ruiz is a good friend.