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What do you do if you get a worm virus on your computer?


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  1. Run your anti-virus software on a scan
  2. delete detected files.
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A computer worm or a worm virus is something that goes into your computer and destroys yourfiles.

Worm is a computer virus that replicates from one computer to another over a network. It does all the nonsense work as that of a computer virus.

The key difference between a computer virus and a computer worm is that a virus cannot be spread without human action, such as you running an infected file, wheras a worm can copy itself on your system and automatically send itself without you having to run a file.

It is similar to a computer virus that is designed to interfere with a computer's operation.

internet worm is a type of virus that people use to attack or harm your computer. it will hurt your computer badly to a extent that u will have to buy a new hard drive for your computer. internet worm is not literally a living worm but a virus that slowly go into your computer and make your progame and file dead.

A worm is just another type of virus. Viruses in general can do lots of different things. Worms however, are designed to spread across a computer network by exploiting security vulnerabilities in the network.A computer virus can only be activated by running the program in which it is located, however, the computer worm will run without a program open. Therefore, a worm is worse than a virus.Although both are malware, a computer worm is self-replicating, while a virus is not. Worms also do not need to be encrypted to a file to be spread over networks.

A worm; a type of computer virus that is self-cloning.

It is a computer worm affecting Microsoft Windows.

it is not a virus but a worm, if you have the proper anti virus software, you will be just fine!!! sexysk8trgirl on Quizilla

The types of computer viruses are the virus, the worm and the Trojan horse.

Its unknown who created the code red (computer worm) virus.

A computer virus refers to a malware program that replicates itself on the other computer programs, boot sector, and the data files. Examples of the computer virus includes the Storm virus, Sasser virus, Nimda virus, Melissa virus, and The Blaster Worm.

Conficker contains elements of both.

Melissa virus, I Love You virus, SQL slammer worm

A virus is a piece of code that attaches itself to a program or file so it can spread from computer to computer. A worm, like a virus, is designed to copy itself from one computer to another, but it does so automatically.

It is a virus program that continues to run and "devours" your computer's memory.

You can scan your computer with a specialized malware removal tool, which can easily remove worm virus in minutes.

This might differ from virus to virus, but it would probably setting itself to be launched at system start.

A simple virus can do basic things. For instance a worm, it finds wholes in networks, and can spread to other computers from one computer. Another example is, say there is a computer room at a school. And this computer room has lets say 20 computers all connected in a network to share files through a server computer. If one computer gets a worm, depending on the worm, it could spread through a number of the computers through the network. Worm: A type of virus that spreads through networks. Virus: Something that infects that one computer. Keylogger: Tracks whatever you type.

Trojan horse Probably a Trojan Horse or a Worm

Well, since that (Conflicker) worm did nothing and was just a lie, the worst worm ever probably will be ILOVEYOU, or loveletter.This worm has a love message (love-letter-for-you.txt.vbs), which is the virus. When opened, this virus attacks and sends a copy of itself to all your friends and contracts.I'll also like to put the virus known as Slammer next to the Loveletter worm, as it is just a powerful. Why? It infected 80,000 computer in half an hour. So it's name, Slammer, lived up to it as being the fastest virus ever.

The best type of replicating virus is what we call worm. Worm replicates very spontaneously. When you inserted a USB or any external device from a worm-infested computer, these devices may be severely infected.

Because its a virus! And a virus terminates files and destroy your system. Worm can replicate itself from one to another and transfer itself through email, Drives, or connection in any ways depending on what the worm has been programmed to.

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