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What to doCall the bank and ask. They will not lie about it.

If your car has been repo'd, call your local law enforcement agency. Almost everywhere we has repo people have to notify law enforcement that we have taken the car, that is to prevent you from calling up and reporting it stolen. So if you think it happened, call law enforcement, they will tell you. Now the other question about getting your car back is it isn�t your call. You need to work with the lien holder. And chances are good if you have been a jerk to them and haven�t talked to them in the past, they won�t blink an eye about not letting you have your car back. It�s all up to the lien holder if they want to give it to you or not.

Only thing to do is CALL the LEINHOLDER. they did their part by having it repoed, the next step is up to you. It helps to have MONEY in ya pocket when ya call. make sure the lien holder has been corresponding with you and make sure you owe the amount they are quoting you.. My company is charging alot more that I owe

You will inccur BACK Payments,repo fees,storage and inventory fees. Somewhere between $300.00 and $X000.00 depending on how far behind you are. Call the lender first. Good Luck ***This answer is incorrect. If you have completed your Bankruptcy as in you received your discharge with this debt included in the discharge, you owe nothing, unless you reaffirmed the debt. They can not collect ANY money from you. To answer the original question (which was not about a repossessed vehicle), if you did not reaffirm the debt and are not making the payments but the company has not came for the vehicle AFTER your discharge or Relief From Stay was granted, simply call the company and tell them you need to make arrangements to surrender the vehicle, or call the attorney that did your bankruptcy and ask them to take care of it for you (for an additional fee, most likely).

CALL the LENDER. They have possession of the car and will make the arrangements for you to get your PP. You may have to make an appointment with the repo co. to get it.


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Q: What do you do if you have completed bankruptcy and the lender has not picked up aut?
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