What do you do if you have diarrhea?

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February 03, 2014 6:01AM

"Do_For_Diarrhea" id="Do_For_Diarrhea">Do For Diarrhea

Drink a lot of water and other liquid soft drinks, specially oral


DON'T DRINK:soft drink because its got gasy stuff in it.


don't eat fatty and sugary foods.

(some foods that will help are mac n cheese, rice, toast,

applesauce, yogurt, and really anything cheesy. But I wouldn't

recommend any other milk products like cream cheese or ice-cream or

even plain milk, because that can sometimes make it worse)

Toilet answers:

Sit on the toilet, cry cos it hurts so much, fart your butt of

and let the diarrhea run

Help answers:

Don't eat anything for a day and drink lots of water. Eat


Medical answers:

That's something to ask your doctor

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