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You deal with it because a day is a lot shorter than a month or a year.

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Q: What do you do if you have not talked to your boyfriend in a day?
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If you have not seen your boyfriend in two months dose that mean he is not you boyfriend anymore?

Have you talked to him at least?

Does marina diamandis have a boyfriend?

No she doesn't have a current boyfriend but i her interviews she has talked about previous boyfriends.

What do you do when your boyfriend hasn't talked all day?

ask him the whats wrong if he doesent respond leave him alone when he wants to talk you he will come to you

How do you know im over my ex boyfriend?

If he hasn't talked to you in a year

Is keke palmer dating Zac Efron?

No, she has openly talked about her boyfriend Rodney before. Google 'Keke Palmer boyfriend' :D

Your boyfriend never talked to you but you still love him was it a stupid move?

If he never talked to you, I don't think you can really call him your boyfriend. If you truly love him, you need to let him know and ask him out on a date. That surely will get him to talk to you, if even to say "yes" or "no".

Will you get a boyfriend one day in your life?

Yes you will get a boyfriend one day in your life.

What are good topics to talk about with your boyfriend in 6th grade?

when i was in sixth grade i talked to my boyfriend about the upcoming games., theme parks, boy bands, AND me it works.

What do you do if your bf is hurt and you spoke to somebody you said you wouldn't?

You need to make your boyfriend feel good about himself, tell him why he is special to you. Explain to your boyfriend the reasons why you talked to this person.

Did Ashley Greco breakup with her boyfriend?

yuppers, she talked about this morning. apparently they have been on the outs for 3 months.

What did Caitlin lie to tyler about on teen mom 2?

Caitlyn told Tyler that she hadn't talked to her ex boyfriend from Florida in months. She actually talked to him the night before. He found out by texting the boy.

What do you do if you love a boy but he doesn't know?

Step up with the flirting. I couldn't help but flirt with my boyfriend when we were best friends, and I knew he had feelings for me because we always talked every day. If you're brave, TELL HIM IN PERSON.

What does it mean when you talked to your ex-boyfriend who left you one year ago and he seems so depressed?

Maybe he misses you.

Your boyfriend never talked to you so you dumped him but you still love him was it a stupid move?

Yes,Why would anybody ask that

What should you do if your boyfriend talked to your girlfriend?

When your boyfriend is talking to your girlfriend, you should go up to them and stop their conversation by hugging your boyfriend, asking what you guys should do later, or either ask them this: "Hey! What are you guys talking about?". Don't let your boyfriend and your girlfriend fall in love with each other.

What to say to a boyfriend's mother on a Mother's Day card?

If you give your boyfriend's mother a Mother's Day card, you can simply say "Happy Mother's Day."

Why have you never had a boyfriend?

How do boys view you? Have you ever talked to boys? Talk with your friends and a friend who is a boy to give their opinions to the questions.

What did the roman family do all day?

there just sat down and talked

What can you get your boyfriend for valentine day?

Your boyfriend will enjoy ur love,, that should be enough for him

Should I tell my husband i talked to an ex boyfriend?

Was it just talk? If you just talked to him, what is the problem? But, I suspect, that you experienced certain feelings that made you wonder about the meaning of that meeting. In either case you can not resolve anything by telling your husband. I would think that the best way, if you still have feelings for your ex-boyfriend, is to avoid meeting him.

What can you do for your boyfriend on Valentine's Day?

I think the best thing you can do for your boyfriend is spending the whole day with him + treating him (with love and gifts ) or do things that he has done for you.

Will you get a boyfriend one day?


What to get you boyfriend for valentine day?


I haven't talked to my boyfriend in over a week should i still date him?

If you still like your boyfriend and if he still likes you, then you should continue to date him and just try to find a way to spend time with him a little more then you have.

Who is Emily's boyfriend in Wicked?

In wicked Emily is dating Isaac, this guy in a band that preformed at her church. They cover Avril Lavigne's Nobody's Home, and when it was done they talked and made a date. They eventually become boyfriend and girlfriend.