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Go to the DMV and apply for alost title. All you need is the vin number locate front drivers side dash can be seen trough the windsheild.

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Q: What do you do if you lose the title to your car?
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Can you take car if you have the title?

No, the bottom line is, the title must have the owner's name. Put in reverse situation, if your car was taken by someone who has your title to the car and the car should not be missing, then you would want the car back even without a title. People lose car title all the time, that doesn't mean they lose the car just because they lost the title and someone picked it up.

Can you get out of a title loan on a car?

All title loans come with a contract. It is not likely that you will "get out" of the responsibility of repayment. You borrowed the money, pay it back or lose your car.

What happens if I don't repay an auto title loan?

You will lose the car if the Auto title loan is not paid. The lapse in repayment can result in reposession of the car.

what are the requirements for an auto title loan in panama city florida?

In Florida, all you need is a car and a lender. If you can find someone to give you the money, than you are all set. Of course there are big risks in title loans since if you miss a payment then you will lose the title and lose your car.

Can a person in Texas repossess a car if she is making payments but is not on the car title and feels that she has already paid enough into the car?

Sure, you just lose the car.

What do you do if you lose the keys to your car?

go to dealer with title and identification and they can make a new key for you

What do you do if you lose the title to your car and it has a lien on it that you are default in?

You didn't have the title to begin with. The loan company or bank does. So, you didn't loose it, but you may loose the car since it is in default . The loan company/bank owns the car, not you.

What do you do when you lose your car title?

Go to the secretary of state and apply for a "lost title". its about a $25 fee, and you should have a new copy of the title within 3 weeks or so.

What do you do if you lose your car title?

In CA if you lose your title certificate you can fill out DMV form reg 227 and pay the $18.00 fee and they will process request. If the title was never recieved then you can apply for a new title at no cost. You should see the new title in 2 to 4 weeks. Vehicle Registration Wizards

What do you do if you lose the title to your car after it has been signed over?

You need to get a "lost title" form from the DMV and have the seller sign it. This form will work as the title and you will need a "bill of sale" to go with it.

What do you do if you lose a car title and it wasn't kept up with?

Contact your motor vehicle office and request a duplicate.

Title for car?

yes you have to have a title for a car

What are the laws of a title pawn if payment is behind?

I am sevearl monthes behide do i lose the car or can i pay an stll keep it

Why have your name on a car title?

The car title proves ownership. You cannot sell a or register a car without a title.

Will a car dealer sell a car if there is no title on the trade in car?

They will not take the no title car on trade.

Selling a car without a car title?

These type of transaction is illegal since there was no car title that has to be presented in selling that car.

Can you get a title for a bankruptcy car?

how can I get a title for a car that waS in bankeuptcy in kansas

If car title is lost but you cant get title because ex is still on title?

I bought a car and I cant get the title for it what to do

How do you get a new car title of a car without a title?

File for an abandoned title with the Motor Vehicle

How much is a car title worth?

That title itself is worth nothing. It is the car the title is for that has value.

To get plate on car does title have to be in my name?

to get a plate on a car does the title have to be in my name?

Do you make car title loans?

Do you make car title loans

What is the penalty for selling a car without a title?

The penalty for selling a car without a title varies from state to state. The main problem with buying a car without a title is that you have to have a title in order to register the car.

If you have the car title do you own the car?

Not unless your name is on the title. Possession of the title does not mean you own the vehicle.

How do you register a car in California with no VIN or title?

It is not possible to register a car in California with no VIN or title. The owner of the car must produce a valid title for registration. If the car is too old and never had a title or VIN, the title can be applied for at the time it is registered. If the title is lost, a new duplicate title can be issued to the person named on the title.

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