Depression and Bipolar Disorder
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What do you do if you really hate your life and you cry everyday and want someone to talk to and seriously think about ending your life?


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ANSWER 1 Why do you hate your life?I find when I'm depressed, making someone else's day helps me feel better; give someone a hug, smile, talk to them, ask them about their day...I try empathizing with whomever I'm talking to and that helps me see beauty in many things, including life.When you think about ending your life, just give yourself another chance. Give life another chance and know you won't feel that way forever. ANSWER2 Go to psychiatrist at the earliest before you go in state of severe hopelessness and helplessness that can take you to suicide. ANSWER 3 You may be suffering from Major Depressive Disorder. Meet a Psychiatrist and start antidepressants. You will experience a miracle.