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I have met Narcissists and can offer a suggestion on this one. If you suspect you are one, then you probably are not one, but just in case you do have the tendencies, I would urge you to seek counseling and evaluation. I'm assuming a small number of these people can learn new ways of relating and perceiving, through repeating some techniques given by trained therapists. I'd like to suggest that if you are a narcissist and it bothers you, you are far better off than most of them, since they rarely admit to having the problem. I think if you are recognizing the tendencies, you are closer to stopping yourself from staying in the narcissistic role. Just some thoughts.

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Q: What do you do if you suspect you are a narcissist?
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You think your husband is a narcissist what do you do?

# Get counseling for yourself. # Do NOT Tell him you suspect he's a destructive narcissist! # Learn all you can about this incurable personality disorder # Think about leaving him and things will NOT get better.

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A true Narcissist wants as many partners as possible, IF all of them idolize the Narcissist. The above answer is correct they do want as many partners as possible. That way if one partner doesn't work out the way narcissist wants he/she has another lined up and ready to go. If you suspect you are with a narcissist-run! Do yourself a favor and get as far away from them as possible. If you ask your narcissist if there is anyone else they will lie to you so you don't leave. Be sure of it as they are all pathological liars. That is one of the many horrible traits of narcissism.

Can a narcissist be friends with another narcissist?


Do narcissist ever stop being a narcissist?

No - absolutely not....

Does a narcissist know he's a narcissist?

No, the narcissist does not know, after all he is perfect and everyone else around him is at fault.

What type narcissist stays with another abusive narcissist?

A borderline. Essentially a more emotionally reactive narcissist.

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Try to find another outlet for this narcissist.

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Run like the wind from a narcissist.

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The chances are vanishingly small.

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Not likely. The narcissist is more likely to be addicted to himself.

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