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What do you do if you think you're pregnant and you're only 16 and your parents could never find out?


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September 13, 2011 10:25AM

Firat off at 16 you shouldn't be having sex because u are way too young..You are a child yourself and don't need to be having a child...You should wait and take a pregnancy test and then if u find out if u are pregnant then u need to talk to your parent and be honest with them and take whatever consequences that come your way.if you find out your not then u need to step back and thank god for giving u another chance..stop having sex and go out and have some clean decent fun...You are too young to be tied down with a kid.......


well it would be pretty hard for them not to find out lol


no matter what the parents say teenagers will be teens. but if you are pregnant and you don't want your parents to find out then im sorry for you because you will have to tell them. but the better thing would be to disscuss it with your mother first then the both of you tell your father

My mother had me when she was sixteen years old. I know it can seem like your world is coming to and end but everything happens for a reason and it will all be ok. My grandparents were extremely overprotective and my mother was terified to tell them. she waited a couple months after she found out she was pregnant to tell them. she actually went to have and abortion but couldn't go through it after she shaw my hand wave accross the screen. She finally to my grandparents who tried to make her get an abortion and she refused. Long story short, my whole family is very glad she decided to keep me even though it was a complete shock to everyone. If you are not pregnet, lets be real, chances are you will have sex again. I stongly advise you to go to your local planned parenthood and get on birth contol. They will give you birth control for free and your parents will not be informed. Also you need ( and I strongly say you need) to use protection everytime even if it is a boyfriend. People will lie and decieve you to get what they want and you need to protect yourself!