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Of course you must say sorry to your best friend. throw your ego just for a while. say what is your mistakes to her/him. say that you regret what you've done. say that you want to be better best friend for him/her. and you must do what you've say, don't just say it. Do action! so your best friend will know that you are really his/her best friend..


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If you really like her and you know your best friend will understand say yes' but if you don't like her or you think your best friend will get angry say no

You don't don't, just find out what up with them. If they person is your best friend you should be asking how to NOT be angry with them.

Friend are our best relatives who plays an important role in our life. Friend get angry because our some fault by mistake or generally.

Because my best friend is not my best friend anymore and i am REALLY REALLY REALLY upset :( :( :(

you can ask your friend whats bothering her or you can ask another friend to ask your friend whats bothering your friend

if you really loved this person as your best friend, then talk it over with them, and figure otu why you seperated. if they really love you as their best friend, then they will accept you and love you for who you really are. that what best friends are truly all about.

Your dream expresses your own feelings, not those of your male friend. You are worried that he might be angry with you - that does not tell you whether or not he actually is angry. The best way for you to resolve the issue would be to call him.

a really really good best friend

If its your best friends ex. If you really like him you should go with him but understand your best friend may be angry and you'll have to work somthing out with her and that I can't answer because I don't know your best friend well enough. Well think about that.

Make a promise and compromise.andYou should also try to remember all the reasons for being her best friend in the first place because you have to believe and trust her even if it means hurting your feelings along the way. Just stay confident in yourself and feelings and if you really do want to stay friends you would do these things!

Talk to him/her. nothing is resolved w/o communication and openess.

I would tell my friend not to say lie more about him. I would also not get angry and will be friendly to that friend who said lie about my best friend. Then only he will recover him.

Go to Queenpspk . She will be your best friend. She's really nice.

Miranda does not have a best friend. But she is really, really, really good friends with a girl named Christene Miller. But probably her bestestest friend is Selena Gomez or Jennette mcCurdy but they both have other best friends. Miranda is really great though, and she's a friend to everyone!

What you can do is always stand up for your friend, give them presents to show that your really their best friend.

They can be. If you lie a lot, they can definitely be your best friend. Your best friend is always there for you, and does not lie to you (often, an occasional lie is inevitable).

Talk to your best friend about it and if she's really your friend she will understand and spend more time with you than the best friend stealer.

if there close to you know lots about you and are willing to keep secrets

I guess it's possible if you are a really bad best friend...

Ask her. If she is really your best friend she would have told you and if she is your friend she'll tell you when you ask her.

You should be able to talk to your best friend about anything. Drama, boys, finance, family troubles, sex, abuse, alcohol, drugs, violence, suicidal thoughts, memories, happy thoughts, sad thoughts, angry thoughts, and anything. If they are really your best friends, then they will always truly accept you.

ok so i was in a situation somewhat like this. this guy i really liked and told me he really liked me ends up going behind my back and kissing my best friend and asking her to homecoming. so i really was angry with the both of them. I learned that this guy that basically liked my best friend and wanted to not be with me would be a cheater for a future boyfriend. so he asked me for a second chance and i rejected him. must of hurt. probably not as much as it hurt me. but anyways any guy ur best friend dated or liked is not an option u don't go there!

Its easy ........ you don't have to if they are really your friend they will like/love you for who you are not for what you do!

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