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You tell him that it's stupid not to realize you two are meant to be together then. If he's trying to stop liking you, it's most likely not going to work. Sit him down and talk to him, explain how you feel and ask how he does, and tell him that feelings are feelings and he cannot just force them out of himself.

Then be happy ever after.

AnswerAs the other poster said it's time to sit down and talk to your boyfriend. The main question is "Why is he forcing himself to get over you if he loves you?" Do you have another boyfriend, are you married, insecure within yourself?" There has got to be a reason. People who love you don't go to all this trouble of trying to get over you. There is a plug in the bottle and you know what it is! Answerwell, I am going through the same situation!!My boyfriend just broke up with me after 4.5 years of GREAT relationship!!! Since one year he is in Another Country for studies and things were still great after that for 1.5 years.we used to talk daily inspite of having more than 8700 miles!!!but then he just mailed me and told me that he don't love me!! I was shocked at that time and was totally confused!! He said he never loved me !!! he said that she met a girl there(with whome he is not in a relationship..just friend) but he don't know why he felt like crying when he felt that they both cannot be togather!! He said that it was a trigger for him which made him realise that he did not feel same for me!! and so he may not love me!! He said he don't know whether he loves that girl or not!! But now after 4 years he is saying that he never loved me what he used to tell me daily..!!!...(after the trigger given by that girl..!!!)That was a shock of my life!!!He said he is not atall guilty for our relation and our relation was not a mistake!! I called him and tried to sort out the things..but all in vein!! Its like now he has stop mailing me,calling me, no offlines and has stop chatting with me.But still he told his best friend that he cares for me and want that i should be happy in my life!!! his friend told me that he is forcing himself to help me out to get over him!!!!! So he has stop contacting me!!! That is horrible!!! And now he is continuing saying that he had never loved me but still committing that it was a pleasure being with me and he don't regrate anything!!! This man has drive me crazy!!! But all my affort to get him back to me did not worked!! So now i am just waiting for him to get back to me..!! I am not going to call him or anything like that...i will just wait !! and i will also move on with my life!!!It hurts a lot and its not good...but i have to accept it because i have no option!!

Because caring about some one doesnt mean they love them enough to commit to them. u can still care alot, but if theres not love. it will be empty.

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Q: What do you do if your ex-boyfriend still cares about you but is forcing himself to get over you?
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How do you get a girl who still has feelings for her exboyfriend?

Just show her waht a nice guy you are

What does it mean when i dream about my exboyfriend and his girlfriend?

It means that you still have some level of emotional attachment with this exboyfriend. The dream is a nudge from your own mind urging you to let go and move on with your life.

How do you know if your exboyfriend still loves you?

if he still calls and wants to spend time with you, i think it's safe to say that he still loves you.

How do you now if your exboyfriend still likes you?

if he flirts with you, or talks to you often. if he still tries to hang out with you and treats you like you're his girlfriend.

How do you know if your Exboyfriend still love you?

If you Ex tries to contact you again and again without any reason, then it means he is still interested in you.

What does it mean if you catch your exboyfriend staring at you a lot?

He either still likes you alot or he hates you with a burning passion

What does it mean if you and your exboyfriend kiss in a dream?

It means that there are still some feelings left for him in your heart for him. You still miss him somewhere. That is what gets in your head at that time.

Does it mean anythign if your ex boyfriends still wears what you brought him?

yeah, it may mean he still likes you or still cares for you yeah, it may mean he still likes you or still cares for you

Does your ex bf likes you still if he still cares?

Most of the time yes! But sometimes no, if he doesn't still like you and he cares its because you meant something to him!

What signs show a guy still cares about you?

Well, this may not be because he still cares about you but he will ask if you are ok and stuff and still be your friend. He may care if you are mad at him.

What do you do if your best friend is going out with your exboyfriend that your still in love with?

you do nothing...just don't be her friend if she's honestly doing that to you!!

Should you call your ex if you still care about him and you know that he still cares about you but you have lost contact with him?

If he cares and you care.... what's keeping you from calling him?....

If your boyfriend cheated on his ex and tells you he still cares about her is it because his not over her or is it the guilt of cheating on her?

neither he is just trying to make himself seem less heartless

How do you know if he still cares for me.I have a very close friend.He is my best friend but he is in a relation now.He still cares for me.But he avoids reason that he came to know i love him?

if he is your best friend then he still cares but if he knows your in love with him then its very awkward for him

Why do i keep dreaming of my exboyfriend since we broke up?

perhaps you're still longing for him.. dreams are sometimes a subconscious mind

How do you know if he still cares?

you can tell if he still cares if he is willig to still go places with you just as friends and talks to you and worries when theres something wrong and see if he can do anything to help you out

How does she really feel when she was the one who broke up with you but has since moved on but still tries it on with you and says she still cares?

That probably means that she still cares for you and she just wants to be good friends.

You saw your exboyfriend today after almost a year you still love him but he came to say goodbye to you because hes going to the coastguard what does that mean does he still like you?

he probaly does not no not at all

What can you do if your girlfriend says she loves you but you find out she still has a little bit of feeling for her exboyfriend?

break his knees - I doubt she likes crippled guys

How do you know if he still care for you?

You will know if he still cares for you if he's willing to make sacrifices for you. Someone who truly cares will sacrifice for a loved one, within reason.

Do bowwow still like Caria?

*Does* Bowwow still like Caria? ...Who cares?

How can you find out your exboyfriend still loves you?

Do you still love him?? If so hint around just a little bit. if he still flirts with you and won't stop bugging you then maybe. or if your really striaght forward just ask him.

What does it mean when a guy says he has feeling to a girl still?

That he still cares & possibly likes the girl still

What do you do when your exboyfriend likes a girl you know?

Ask yourself this. IF he is your exb, do you still like him. If you see him flirting w/ another girl, talk to him and tell him that you still have feeling and are willing to try again.

Dream of exboyfriend building a fence in front of your house?

he is still a little overprotective as you percieve. if he puts in a gate then he is still thoughtful and caring although you'd need to make sure you're not using him