What do you do if your guy best friend is going out with your girl best friend but he just told you that he had a crush on you and you still like him and hes aways flirting with you and ur flirting to?


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honestly, i wuld tell my girl best friend whats going on and try to stay away from the boy cuz either ur going to break ur friendship with the girl for the boy.

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shes really not a best friend if shes going out with her best friend's crush new person! i object wat if she was dating him first then the other best friend got the crush!?

You can talk to your crush directly by going to them. If you're introvert, you can ask a mutual friend to introduce.

You don't. If the relationship works out, you will have given your best friend a great gift. If it doesn't work out, you will still have your best friend, and your crush will be impressed with your maturity.

It depends how much you know the friend, if the friend has never lied to you I would believe them.

You can talk to them about it, they are your best friend after all. And tell them that you're not comfortable with their relationship.

what you do is you sabotage the relationship by flirting with the guy then take him

If you are not, just be honest about it, if you are flirting around your friend a lot, then stop flirting. If you spend a lot of time together, people get the wrong idea, so maybe suggest spending some time apart.

If you tune someone, its kind of like you dont have a crush on them but your flirting with them just for the fun of it... and its not going to go anywhere. :) hope that helped

Then i guess shes not your best friend because a best friend should not be going with someone that you like especially if you told her!!!!!!!!!!!

If he or she says something funny or cool that makes your crush laugh or interested and they keep going on with themselves.

If she knows you like him then she's not your friend and you should find a different crush and a new FRIEND! But if she doesn't know tell her and if she doesn't understand or doesn't care then find a new friend and once again a new crush

It's perfectly fine to tell this to your friend.Their crush doesn't belong to them, and if they're not going out, and you don't do anything to hurt your friend's crush's opinion of your friend, it's perfectly fine to pursue your new crush as well.

you need to think who is more impotent your bff or this person you have a crush on. I mean he/she (your bff) is the one who you should realy love more (in friend ways) because they are your bff don't let a little crush affect something that means more you'll be sorry if you do! If this crush is worth it and you want to go for it and hurt your friend just remember that you will hurt your friendship or destroy it , and most of all remember how your friend will feel! p.s if she/he knows you have a crush on someone and they start going with them (dating) they are not a very good friend , but do not go say I am not your friend anymore!

Sure. How big a deal was it between you and the ex crush? I would think the main worry would be if you are going to break the heart of the ex crush. But if he was only a crush, and it was your crush on him, there should be no problem. Have a happy and go for it.

Just tell your bff how you feel and wish on a star that she doen't get mad.

Do not go out with him because if you don't like him there is no science of going out with just be hearting yourself because youll be going out with someone you don't like.THANK YOU

Good question, if he really loves her u just have to get over it and find another hot guy don't worry, sooner or later you'll meet someone, it's ok

Hi It's not wrong to have a crush on your friends sister, I had a crush on my friends brother and I am dating him now, you cant help who you like but if you two are going to start dating make sure to ask your friend if it's okay first it just show's that you respect your friend......

don't get mad at her right away tell her that you like him and ask her to back off. if she's a real friend she's going to honor that and will leave him alone.

hmm no because you can never replace a best friend just let your crush kinda fade away

for me i hav problems talking to guys without flirting so i try to remind myself that they are just your normal friend and its no different so try it thats all i got for now your a teen its going to feel weird but you need to. not talking will make you feel worse.

Its ok, but if your goal is going out with his best friend, take each step slowly. Do not make it obvious that you'd rather be going out with his friend. Have a good, believable reason for the breakup if that's where you're trying to go, which appears to be the case.

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