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What do you do if your home air conditioner is icing up?

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Click on the link to your right for the answer.

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Q: What do you do if your home air conditioner is icing up?
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The air conditioner condenser is icing up?

air conditioner condenser coil icing up

What can you do if your home air conditioner is icing up at the aluminum radiator core?

If by aluminum radiator core you are talking about the indoor coil, you may be low on refrigerant, have a dirty filter, or the indoor blower is not working properly.

Why does your home air conditioner have cool air then stops and has no water dripping from it?

When you are running your air conditioner and it stops then the air conditioner is froze up. You have to cut it off for a while, and let it warm up. You have to turn the thermometer between 70-75 to keep it from freezing up.

What wire do you need to use to hook up air conditioner to your home?

What wire do you need to use to hook up air conditioner ? Does it need to be 10/2 with ground? How do I connect this. Thanks!!

Why does the air coming from your home air conditioner vents smell like stale smoke but not when your heater is on in a duplex where the other family smokes?

This has much to do with how the air conditioner and the heater is vented. If the air conditioner draws its air from outside it could be picking up air / smell of smoke from the other family and then redistributing it into your home. A heater on the other had usually has a heater input vent within the house it is heating (it draws the interior air in and then heats it blowing it back out) as the air within the home will be significantly warmer than the exterior air.

If the Air conditioner evaporator coil keeps icing up what is wrong?

Could be several things...It could be low on refridgerant or the coils could be dirty. Check the coils first as this is something you can do your self.

Can a home air conditioner work on its side?

NO If the unit is on its side or upside down, the oil can run out of the compressor and it will seize up. They do make a vertical air conditioner to fit into the taller windows which open side to side.

What takes up more electricity - central air conditioner or window air conditioner?

Central of course because it is larger.

What happens when central air conditioner freeze?

air conditioners heat up

Why is an air conditioner more effective than a fan?

Because a fan only stirs up the hot air while an air conditioner removes humidity as well as cools the air.

How do you recharge my air conditioner and have not been able to find a cap Where do I hook up the coolant to refill the air con?

How to recharge my air conditioner and have not been able to find a cap. Where do I hook up the coolant to refill the air con?

Why causes a car to shut off when the air conditioning is turned on?

Your air conditioner compressor may be seized up. If it is seized up the belt would lock up every time you turn on the air conditioner, causing the car to die.

Why an air conditioner is placed high up on the wall?

Heat rises, so placing the air conditioner high allows the unit to cool the hottest air that is at the top of the room.

What is wrong if there is ice forming on the outside unit of your house air conditioner?

I see this happen a lot. The thermostat is turned down way to low (60 degrees or lower) causing ice to build up on the air conditioners condenser coils. Which causes the air not to get through the coils. The icing of the condenser creates a blockage and the air conditioner doesn't cool the house or room. Making you think it is not working. If not corrected the compressor will overheat. (Not Good). Turn the air conditioner off until the ice has melted (probably 24 hours). Then turn the air conditioner back on with the thermostat set to 68 to 70 degrees and it should go away. If not call a technician.

What do I do if the air conditioner in my home isn't working correctly?

Inspect the instruction manual in case there is an easy fix, otherwise call up the manufacturer in order to hire a handyman to come and solve the problem or find someone locally to come and fix the air conditioner

Does Walmart sell portable air conditioner?

At Walmart, you will definitely find portable air conditioner. The price range is from 400$ up. You can even have it delivered to your place or just pick it up at the store.

Do I need a repairman if my air conditioner is acting up?

If your air conditioner is acting up first check to see if the problem may just be that its dirty. If its not working at all then it will be necessary for a repair man.

Does running the air conditioner stuff up the ecm?

No. The ECM is a computer.

How do you know if your window air conditioner is low on refrigerant?

feel it up

What is the difference between an ordinary air condition to a ductless air condition?

Yes, it is better to buy a ductless air conditioner. However, it is more of a matter of opinion on which to choose. The ductless air conditioner is better, aesthetically. It's more modern and fits into a normal home. A normal air conditioner takes up a window space, which ruins a beautiful view. However, ductless AC systems are harder to repair, however, they are still pretty durable.

What gets colder as it gets hot?

an air conditioner because it warms up to make cold air

Why does Car voltage drops when air conditioner is turned on?

The air conditioning uses up the battery power.

Why is it desirable to install an air conditioner near the ceiling of a room and not close to the floor?

no obstruction to deal with. hot air rises and cold air sinks

Why is the central air conditioner iced up?

A central air conditioner is different from a window or wall unit in that it cools the whole house or business. The most common reason for ice to be forming on the air conditioner is that the filters are clogged. In an air conditioner for your home, the filter is the same one as the burner for your heat. I change mine on the 1st of the month. Twelve filters cost about $.50 each so for six to eight bucks you can save yourself the cost of a service call. Don't buy the pleated filters - they restrict too much air, causing ice buildups.

What is important about a blower motor?

A blower motor is a motor which is used in your car, or home to force air from the outside in and either heat it up or cool it down via your Central Air Conditioner or heating system