Icing and Frosting

Icing or frosting is often the finishing touch on many baked items. It can be used to add just a touch of sweetness, or to set the entire theme of the piece. There are many different techniques used. There are simple uses, such as drizzling. There are also very complicated techniques that people are actually schooled for.

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Icing and Frosting

Should you use salted or unsalted butter in butter cream icing?

In general always use unsalted butter in cooking. You can always taste it later to see if added salt would improve it.

Icing and Frosting

Is it safe to eat expired icing?


Icing and Frosting

Why does sugar dissolve faster than icing sugar in cold water?

heat speeds up molecular movement and reaction

Icing and Frosting

What food group does icing sugar belong to?

it belongs to the fat, sugar, and oil group (its the one at the top that has all the good tasting stuff and things you should eat less of)

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Icing and Frosting

What colors to mix to get emerald cake icing?

Mix a bit of Leaf Green with Royal Blue, and just a touch of black. Always mix a small amount of color to experiment until you get just the shade you want. Once you do get just the color you want, be sure to mix enough color for your cake, since it is very difficult to duplicate an exact color.

Also, if you get the color you want, but it's just a shade or two too dark, you can lighten it with an icing whitener, starting out with small amounts until you reach the desired shade. Wilton makes an excellent icing whitener, which can be found at many grocery stores, as well as arts and craft stores, or any place that sells cake decorating supplies.

Icing and Frosting

How do keep frosting from getting hard too quick?

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Icing and Frosting

Does Sam's Club sell whipped icing?

well, you can buy the chantilli (sweet cream) and mix it with another flavor u want.

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Icing and Frosting

Can you use powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar when baking?

Yes you can, but you'll have to use more because of its texture so use 2 cups powdered sugar for every 1 cup granulated sugar.

Powder sugar is just granulated sugar that has been spun for a smoother texture. It is usually used for frostings or such.

Icing and Frosting

Is frosting the same as butter cream?

Butter cream is a frosting.

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Icing and Frosting

Why does the caramel topping on sticky buns sometimes come out smooth and other times it is crystalized?

It means your temperature was too hot. This sort of recipe is touchy and one needs to follow the directions to the letter.


  • You could also replace a spoonful or so of the granulated sugar with light corn syrup. This will not affect flavour or texture but it does provide some protection against crystallizing when you make sugar syrups.

i beg to differ,

its all about how you stir it

did you stir it to much you ask yourself?

No i haven't, okay, so it will come out sparkly.

- I'm assuming you're making this caramel topping stove-top the old fashioned way. One of my jobs is a pastry chef, and it's happened to even me so don't feel bad. One thing you need to remember to do when you're making caramel is to have a bowl of very warm water w/a pastry brush on hand. As the caramel is cooking, brush the sides of the pan down with very warm water. The reason being crystals have a tendency of forming along the sides of the pan. And sugar crystals also have a tendency to spread like a spot of mold on bread! The brush trick dissolves the crystals, thus preventing them from spreading. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice also prevents crystalization without adversely affecting the flavor, if you care to try that instead. Just wipe the sides of the pan with a damp (not sopping wet) pastry brush and keep it on low heat and whisk until all of the crystals have dissolved. It'll take some time, but it'll happen.

P.S. I abhor corn syrup and use it as little as possible. If you use the brush trick, you can avoid having to add that nasty goop known as corn syrup!

Icing and Frosting

What two colors make dark blue icing?

whell since Blue is a primary colour i guess you can add black? perhaps.

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Icing and Frosting

What does icing mean in hockey?

Shooting the puck (ball) into the opposing zone before the center ice (court) line, without that same shooting teams ability to retrieve it first, results in an icing call being made.

However, during a penalty kill, icing is negated allowing the disadvantaged team to clear the puck (ball) all the way down the ice (floor) from any area.

Icing and Frosting

Does frosting glass make the glass weaker?

Frosting by sand blasting does not normally make the glass weak, if it is done in controlled temperature, following high standards and procedures. Since the blasting is done with uniform and minute sand particles, the effect is only on the surface of the frosted surface. Frosted glass could also be toughened to make it 4 to 5 times stronger.

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Icing and Frosting

How do you make gold colored icing?

Gold-Colored IcingCake decorating specialist stores sell products that make icing appear metallic if that is what you mean. For mixing the color gold, they can also provide paste, liquid and powder colors in many color shades.

If you have the cake decorators icing colorings one may come close to it by mixing: 1 part Christmas Red, 3 parts Sunset Orange, and 10 parts Lemon Yellow. But it will not have the metallic look.

Or you could just buy the food coloring called gold. You may or may not be able to purchase it with the metallic sheen. Edible gold is available at Sur La Table ($35 for 150 mg; 800/243-0852).

I have decorated cakes for a long time. The closest I have come to gold is canary yellow and a few drops of brown.

Or just mix a little orange, yellow for brightness, snd a slight brown, but be carefull on the brown. Too much or little = no. Make sure it's little for mistakes, you can add but can't take back.

Icing and Frosting

How do you make chocolate icing with cocoa and icing sugar?

Beat 225g of softened, unsalted butter until creamy. Add 50g cocoa powder, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essence, and 225g icing sugar. Mix until fluffy. Use a tablespoon of additional milk if needed.

Icing and Frosting

What are the two types of frosting?

cream cheese and vanilla

Icing and Frosting

How do you make cream cheese icing?


  • 1 package 8 ounce cream cheese room temperature
  • 1/2 cup butter (1 stick) room temperature
  • 2-3 cups of powdered sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract


  1. Mix the butter and cream cheese together (about 3 minutes on medium speed with electric mixer) until smooth.
  2. Scrape down the sides of the bowl to ensure even mixing.
  3. Add the vanilla and mix.
  4. Slowly add the powdered sugar, keep adding the powdered sugar until you get the desired thickness and sweetness.

This technically is a "frosting" recipe not an icing recipe.

Icing and Frosting

Is it okay to serve frosted cookies with frosting made with milk that is 5 days past the sell by date?

Yes, it is totally fine. Sour/spoiled dairy is perfectly safe for most consumers. Sour cream is just spoiled/soured cream, as its name implies. If the milk was sour or spoiled, the frosting may taste different, but there are no health implications whatsoever with using sour dairy.

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Icing and Frosting

Should cream cheese icing be refrigerated?

YES!!.... if u dont itll go off and taste baddd

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Icing and Frosting

How do you dye ready rolled icing?

You have to bring it back together in a ball again, add the colouring and knead it in.

Icing and Frosting

What types of frosting go with coffee cakes?

Chocolate frosting is always a classic and will go great with coffee cakes. My advice is that the simpler your frosting it is, the more extravagant and elegant it will look on your coffee cake.

Icing and Frosting

What is the difference between buttercream icing and buttercream frosting?

There is no difference. Icing and frosting are two words used for the same thing, it just depends on what part of the country you are in as to which word is used. In the South, we call it icing. No one "frosts" their cakes down here; we "ice" them. But if you travel to the northeast, they typically use the word "frost". Hope this helps!

Icing and Frosting

Is Icing more expensive or is Claire's more expensive?

It's hard to say. Claire's usually has children's accessories, while Icing has more teen and grown-up accessories.

Icing and Frosting

How do you keep marzipan soft for longer?

Even when stored in an air-tight container, Marzipan will gradually harden over time. Just because it gets hard, does NOT mean you have to throw it out. There are a few tricks to soften it back up. You can either start kneading it with your hands, on a hard surface. You can knead in a few drops of vanilla or almond extract, since it contains these flavors already, it should not alter the taste. You can also place the marzipan in an airtight container with 2 orange halves, NOT TOUCHING the oranges, and leave them at room temperature for about 2 days. You can also microwave or steam the marzipan, but be careful not to over heat it. And, finally, you can knead the marzipan, adding a few drops of water at a time, until it becomes soft enough to work with again.

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Icing and Frosting

What colors to mix to get flesh colored icing?

If you are looking for a causation sort of colour, here's what to do.

I will assume you are working with the standard grocery store liquid colourants.

Start with a very light orange, 1 drop red, 1 drop yellow and mix well. This is most likely going to be way too pale, but as you can add colour but not remove it and you have not given me any idea how big a batch of icing you are working on... better safe than sorry. Next add 1 drop green (yeah, I know, sounds weird, I swear it works), mix well.

Then one drop at a time add red and if needed a bit more yellow. Mix thoroughly after each drop, remember it will dry down a bit darker so keep it pale.

For a darker skin tone use red yellow and blue in equal amounts (1 -2 drops each) to start. Mix well. Adjust by eye with red and yellow until you reach the desired colour.

Remember mix the icing very well after each drop of colour, it is time consuming, but saves you making too many mistakes.


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