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Dr. Laura has a book, "The Care and Feeding of a Husband". I've heard it's quite good. It's important to sit down (TV off) and communicate with your husband. Make a habit of it. My husband comes home from work, has a shower, then we sit and talk about our day or any problems we need to talk about. By sitting down and asking him what is wrong he may start to confide in you about work or any other personal problems he has. A husband is no different than having a friend and we all know with our friends we are there to discuss any problems they have so why not include the husbands. The above advice by the other poster is a good one and the book is good. Sometimes one must just use their own common sense.

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2007-06-02 09:23:31
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Q: What do you do if your husband seems to be uninterested in you but he still says he loves you?
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He loves his mother too, but hes not with his mother either

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ill tell even i like ur ex and we could have a threesome someday

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