What do you do if your saddle on your guitar is pushed all the way back and needs to be pushed more to be correctly intonated?

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June 24, 2009 7:06PM

Intonation compensation is a common set up procedure.

However, different bridges can require different treatment.

Electrics:some bridges like the classic fender or the Gibson

"tune o' matic" can be easily worked since the saddles sits on

movable screws.

even Floyd rose bridges have Allen screws.

acoustic/classic bridges - you need to make sure that the saddle

fits the slot and is nicely smoothed to be correct - not always an

easy task for the novice. if the saddle is to thin and wiggle you

can use a piece of thin carton to tighten it in the slot.

in any case use a tuner and make sure that the twelve fret gives

you an accurate octave.

needles to say your nut should be accurate as well - by

functioning as a zero fret.

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