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== == I agree it would have taken the floor out of your feet. But remember everybody have a past . Some tell and some don't. If now she is loyal to you and having a happy life then you have to let it go because to cry over past relationships is not good. Everybody at any age are misled so I hope that you have a heart to forgive. Short of murder what one does before they meet someone they fall in love with is really their own personal business as long as it doesn't interfere in your marriage. I have no idea why she would even bother telling you. She had to know it would have upset you, so I believe there is a little more to this story than you have explained. It's difficult for us to give good sound advice if we don't have some clues into this story such as ... were you arguing or just having a "true confessions" night and you told her some things about your past and she told you she had group sex. Something went on because a woman just doesn't come out and say this out of the blue!

She may have brought it up

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Q: What do you do if your wife told you that she had group sex before you were married?
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