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Most of the time the baby tooth will fall out eventually. If it doesn't seem to be getting loose, it should be removed by a dentist so it doesn't cause adult teeth to be crowded or crooked.

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Q: What do you do in the case of an adult tooth growing in behind the baby tooth before it has fallen out?
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Baby teeth fallen out its been months and no adult tooth is growing in its place?

One dentist's website said it can be 6 months or more before the adult tooth comes in.

What do you do in the case of an adult tooth growing in front the baby tooth before it has fallen out?

If the baby tooth is just about to fall out, the situation will probably resolve itself naturally. If the baby tooth still seems to be firmly rooted, it is best to consult a dentist, because the baby tooth stop the adult tooth from coming through straight.

What about baby teeth that have no adult teeth?

Babies and young children don't have any adult teeth. Baby teeth fall out before permanent teeth emerge through the gum, or if baby teeth have not fallen out before, an emerging permanent tooth pushes the baby one out. In some cases, a permanent tooth can push up either in front of or behind a baby tooth and dental services are needed to remove the baby tooth and to straighten the adult tooth's alignment.

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