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Turn the light on and look by the ceiling. The bell clapper for the school bell is hanging there. (Also, you can talk to Artur, who got stuck down there.)

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What is the secret room below the detention room in big nate island in poptropica?

The entrance to the secret room under the detention room is in the filing cabinet.

Where is the light in the secret room Big nate island on poptropica and how can you see it?

by the green cabnit and what is useful in the secret room is the bell clapper

Where is the bell ringer on big nate island poptropica?

It is in the secret store room behind the filing cabinet in the detention room on Big Nate Island. You need the blue prints from Nate's locker in order to access the secret room.

How do you get the kids out of the way on poptropica big nate island?

you ring the bell with the claper you got in the secret room.

Where is the secret room on poptropica big nate island?

You need to click on the file cabenet and then go down the ladder.

Where is Artur on Poptropica in Big Nate island?

Artur is in the secret room behind the file cabinet. (He was hunting for the Time Capsule.)

In Poptropica big Nate island Where is the power switch?

When You Go Into The Secret Detention Room And you jump down the Light switch is on the wall.

How do you find a secret room on poptropica?

Big Nate IslandThe secret room is under the detention room, and can be reached through the filing cabinet.Astro Knights IslandMordred's secret lab is underground, with a locked entrance under the hay bales.(see related questions)

Why is it so dark in the secret room on poptropica on big nate island?

there is a light switch next to the ladder click on it and it won't be dark any more

What do you do after you get the clapper for the bell?

It it in the secret passage in the detention room on Big Nate Island.

Who is artur on Poptropica?

Artur is a kid from Big Nate's school on "Big Nate Island". While searching for the lost Time Capsule, he became trapped in the "secret room" behind the filing cabinets in the Detention Room.

Where do you go in the school to get into detention on big Nate island?

To the detention room but you have to get gum to chew on but not from the poptropica store

What do you do with the gum big nate island poptropica?

Go into the school, by the detention room, then chew it! That's how you get into the detention room! Hope this helped!

How do you get in the secret doorway in Big Nate island in poptropica?

To get through the secret passage way on Big Nate, first, you have to get ALL the comic pieces. Then, the code will be on the comic you just made. So, you go to the crammed locker, open it, and click on it to get the blueprints. Then go into the detention room and click the file cabinet.

Where is the part of the school bellat big nate island?

you got to the secret room to get the bellclapper by getting detention

How do you pick up the stink bomb in poptropica big nate island?

You go to the science room in Big Nate and mix blue and yellow and turn the heat to 3.

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