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I am so glad that you asked! Easter is such a fun time! What you do is like a day before Easter you fill up plastic eggs with candy, and then over night, your parents hide the eggs. But that's not all! Also on the day before Easter, you can decorate real eggs to! You can get a kit at Walmart, etc. And then you can make them all colorful and decorate them! And then the next day, you go out with your Easter baskets and try to find all of the eggs! What my family usually does is after we find all of the eggs, we make scrambled eggs out of the real ones we decorated! What also helps is after you are done filling the eggs with candy and decorating real ones is to count how many plastic ones you have and how many real ones you have, so then the next day after you guys are all done finding them, you can count them to make sure that there aren't any missing! I hope that my answer helps and I hope that you have a happy Easter!

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What religion is celebrated Easter from?

Easter is celebrated by Christians.Easter is celebrated by Christians.Easter is celebrated by Christians.Easter is celebrated by Christians.Easter is celebrated by Christians.Easter is celebrated by Christians.Easter is celebrated by Christians.Easter is celebrated by Christians.Easter is celebrated by Christians.Easter is celebrated by Christians.Easter is celebrated by Christians.

What does an Easter bunny got to do with Easter?

its the bunny of easter

Why do you eat Easter eggs at Easter?

we eat Easter eggs at Easter to celebrate new life.

Is a Easter egg a Easter symbol?

Yes, it is. Easter eggs are a very common symbol of Easter.

Are Easter eggs traditional at Easter time?

Yes Easter eggs are an Easter tradition, they are usually made from chocolate and eaten on Easter Sunday.

What is 'Easter' in Dutch?

'Easter' is in Dutch 'Pasen'

When is Easter on ACCF?

it will be Easter in accf when it is Easter in the real world

Is Easter real?

Easter is real but not the Easter bunny.

What is Easter Thursday?

easter thursday is simply the thursday after easter.:] easter is a good year tho:) come to this app and learn more answers u .

What flower is associated with Easter?

Most people think of the Easter Lily as the flower of Easter.

What is Easter in urdu?


What is Easter Monday?

Easter Monday is the day following Easter Sunday.

Is tesco open on Easter?

it is open Easter Sunday but not Easter moday

When is Easter in the US?

Date of EasterEaster is on April 24 in 2011.

How does Sikhs celebrate Easter?

the easter bunney lives on easter islined

Where can I get good Easter decorations?

Some good Easter decorationsinclude Easter eggs and Easter bunnies. They are very popular.

Were does the Easter bunny live?

the Easter bunny lives on Easter island

How is Easter celebrated?

Celebrating EasterEaster is celebrated by Christians by attending Easter church services. They, along with others, also participate in giving Easter baskets (often from the Easter bunny), getting together with family for a special Easter meal, hiding Easter eggs for children to find, baking special Easter treats, and other activities.

What is Easter in spanish?

The word for Easter in Spanish is Pascua. The word for Easter in Italian is Pasqua. The word for Easter in French is Paques.

Is an Anglo Saxon goddess called Easter is why you call Easter Easter?

The Anglo Saxon goddess after which Easter is named was Eostre.

What the difference between Christian Easter and Jewish Easter?

The difference is that Christian Easter is a real holiday and there is no such thing as "Jewish Easter."

Do people look for Easter eggs on Easter day?

Yes, Easter Sunday is the traditional day to hunt for Easter eggs.

How do you say Easter in welsh?

Easter is Pasg and Happy Easter is Pasg Hapus

How do you wish someone a Blessed Easter?

By saying, "Have a Blessed Easter," or "Easter Blessings!"

What is the flower of Easter?

the flower of easter is the wonderful and most beautiful Easter Lily!