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What do you do on Easter?


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March 22, 2011 7:34AM

I am so glad that you asked! Easter is such a fun time! What you do is like a day before Easter you fill up plastic eggs with candy, and then over night, your parents hide the eggs. But that's not all! Also on the day before Easter, you can decorate real eggs to! You can get a kit at Walmart, etc. And then you can make them all colorful and decorate them! And then the next day, you go out with your Easter baskets and try to find all of the eggs! What my family usually does is after we find all of the eggs, we make scrambled eggs out of the real ones we decorated! What also helps is after you are done filling the eggs with candy and decorating real ones is to count how many plastic ones you have and how many real ones you have, so then the next day after you guys are all done finding them, you can count them to make sure that there aren't any missing! I hope that my answer helps and I hope that you have a happy Easter!