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What do you do to help snails?

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If you are reffering to snails inside a fish tank, then the best thing to do is to not clean the tank. That is the snails job as they eat the alge produced by the fish. so if you just have snails and no fish, then i suggest you buy fish to suit your tank to help give the snails the food they require.

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In general, water snails predate upon plants. They do not help them they destroy them.They dont help and they dont harm

An adaptation snails have that keep them alive is their shells

There are beneficial snails and problem snails. Good snails would be welcomed in a pond setting as they would help control algae growth. Problematic snails over populate their habitats.

Water snails have heavy shells that help keep them on the bottom.

No, snails don't kill frogs they actual help frogs by eating harmful bacteria.

mucus helps snails to move because its sticky. its also slimy. these to things help the snail to move over different surfaces

Some snails have very interestingly designed shells and can add color and uniqueness to an aquarium. Also, snails are an algae consumer and help clean the aquarium. Some fish also require snails as part of their diet, such as some puffers.

Absolutley yes. I had about 3 snails in my fish tank, they breed and make more. Make sure that they do not slide up the sides. But apple snails and golden mystery snails love to live in such a habitat. Glad I could help. (:

Sea snails do not swim. They slither on the ground just like any other snail you see. Sea snails don't have fins, gills, or anything that help them to swim anyway, so it's impossible for sea snails to swim. I know this because I take care of sea snails in my house.

One difference is that Apple Snails are freshwater snails and Garden Snails are land snails.

They promote a full cycle of the eco-system.

If you are keeping pet snails that have similar markings and cannot tell them apart, use different coloured paints (not water-based) or nail varnish to put a small dot of colour on the shell to help with identification. If the question meant "how do you tell male and female snails apart?", then the answer is that there are no male or female snails. Snails are hermaphrodites (have characteristics of both sexes) and so any two snails can reproduce.

Types of Snails Snails come in two main varieties. There are aquatic snails and land snails.

The collective nouns for snails are:an escargatoire of snailsa route (or rout) of snailsa walk of snails

There is no specific collective noun for tree snails. The collective nouns for snails are:an escargatoire of snailsa suit of snailsa rout of snailsa walk of snails

There are thousands of kinds of snails, but many are known as either garden snails or Roman snails.

Snails "breathe" through their skin and through an opening called the pneumostome visible on the right side of their bodies. Click the two links below that will help you out.

Because the song thrush eat snails and things that live in hedges ,so poisoning snails and cutting down hedges wont help the song thrush to survive.

Apple snails are freshwater aquatic snails. Garden snails are land snails.Apple snails have lungs and gillsGarden snails have lungs onlyApple snails skin is thin and translucent (with slime)Garden snails skin is thick and leathery (with slime)All apple snails have two sets of antennaeGarden snails have species with one and two sets.

Yes, also the snail will help keep the algae down.

water snails but not regular snails

yes snails do drink go on what do snails drink if you want to know what snails drink.

No, snails are mollusk. They have no backbone and are therefore not mammals.No, snails are not mammals.

Pond snails are aquatic freshwater snails whereas garden snails are terrestrial. They are both different species.

Sea snails Freshwater snails

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