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What do you do to make adjectives agree in French?

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the bottom line is that they have to agree with the thing they describe. Add a "s" as a mark of plural when the things are more than one, put it in the correct gender when the subject changes from masculine to feminine or vice-versa.

le mur est bleu - le mur est vert

les murs sont bleus - les murs sont verts

la fleur est bleue

les fleurs sont bleues

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Why do french colours have different endings?

to make them agree with the adjectives

How do you spell the word last in french?

last - dernier (masc. sing.), dernière (fem.), derniers (masc. pl.), dernières. French adjectives have to 'agree' for gender and number with the noun.

How do French adjectives work?

French adjectives generally follow their noun, and always agree with it in number and gender. Also, in adjectives that have different masculine and feminine forms and that generally precede their noun, like beau and belle, the masculine has two forms depending on the beginning of its noun: un beau jour, but un bel ouvrage.

What is the French translation for agree?

To agree is "être d'accord" in French.

French adjectives that start with j?

Well some french adjectives that start with J are jolie which means pretty

Is bangs and bagso the same thing in french adjectives?

Bangs and bagso aren't French words. They don't mean anything in French and have nothing to do with French adjectives or language.

Can you list all French adjectives with translation?

there are too many adjectives in French to give it a try. That wouldn't be much use anyway: with just a few hundred words (not only adjectives), you will be perfectly undertood by French speakers.

What French adjectives begin with the letter B?

There are a great many French adjectives that begin with the letter B. Belle is one French adjective that means beautiful.

Discuss two types of agreement in grammar?

Subjects and verbs agree in person and number (I am, the tree is, they are). Some adjectives (determiners) agree with nouns in number (this man, these men). In Spanish, adjectives also agree in gender with nouns (casa blanca, zapato blanco).

What is adjectives in French?

an adjective is called "un adjectif" (masc.) in French.

What is Cleanest from English to french?

Adjectives must agree in number and gender with their antecedents. "Cleanest" is le or la pluspropre in the singular depending on gender, and les plus propres in the plural.

How do you find adjectives in french?

Adjectives are words that modify (describe) a noun. In English they almost always go before the noun, but in French they usually go after the noun. Also, in French the adjective must always agree in gender and number with the noun it modifies. For example:Les enfants sages ont ramassé leurs jouets.The word "sages" is an adjective because it describes "enfants". (The words "les" and "leurs" are called determiners, which may or may not be considered adjectives, depending on whom you ask.)

Are adjectives needed to make sentences more interesting?

Adjectives are used to make sentences more descriptive. You can still make an interesting sentence without adjectives.

What are some French adjectives that begin with the letter P?

Pareil / pareille, poli / polie, personnel / personnelle, public / publique are French adjectives begining with P.

Why do French nouns and adjectives have gender?

Because French is a romance language - it has its origins in Latin.

What is the French word for canine?

Canin, canine are the French adjectives. The tooth canine is 'une canine'.

What is the adjective of amour in French?

Amoureux (masc.) and amoureuse (fem.) are the French adjectives derived from "amour".

Adjectives in french that has a z?

horizontal, zébré, zazou, azimuté

What are adjectives for cool?

Adjectives are cool because they make a noun sound better. They also make a sentence pop out at you.

Is nice masculine or feminine in french?

As with most adjectives in French, there is a masculine and a feminine form - the word in French for nice is gentil/gentille

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