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Check the wire going to the Fan blower, under the passenger dash around the area your feet would be at. I have found the connector melted.

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Which heats up fastest soil water air or sand?

Soil heats up and cools down the fastest. Water heats up regulary and does not cool down for a while. Sand heats up the slowest and cools down the slowest.

Does The mantle of the earth continually heats up and cools down using convection currents?

Yes, the mantle of the Earth continually heats up and cools down using convection currents.

When rock in the mantle cools does it sink or rise?

When rock in mantle cools, it sinks. When rock in mantle heats, it rises.

How does water heat and cool?

It heats and cools by sunlight and cool moist.

What does an air conditioner do?

An air conditioner cools or heats the air entering your home.

What happens to the temperature of equal volumes of soil and water when they are placed in the sunshine for 30 minutes?

both the water and soil heats up but the soil heats up rapidly and the water heats up slowly. If it cools down the soil cools down faster and the water cools down slower.

What heats up and cools down faster land or water?

Land heats up faster and loses heat faster than water.

Does a substance that heats up quickly have high or a low specific heat capacity?

Low. A high heat capacity material heats and cools slowly.

Which is the cause of a sea breeze?

Land heats and cools more quickly than water.

What happend to air when it is compressed or allowed to expand?

It heats up when compressed, and cools when it expands.

Which cools down faster land or water?

water cools down faster because of the sun if it heats in the winter water is cool and in the summer to if the suns not out.

Why does vehicle make crackling noises when vehicle cools down?

because as metal heats up it expands. so as the exhuast cools it is shrinking and it makes noise

What happens to air when it is heated or cooled?

When it heats up it expands and rises, when it cools, it contracts and falls.

Which loses heat faster land or water?

Land heats and cools faster than water.

Why are sand and land breezes caused?

They are cause because land heats and cools more quickly.

Heat is to furnace as cool is to?

Air conditioner. One heats the interior of the house; the other cools it.

Explain the construction of an air conditioner?

it compresses a gas (freon or something like it), which heats the gas. Then it cools the gas (radiator grill on the outside) Then it lets the gas expand ... which cools the gas ... which cools the inside air.

Why is Mercury used in the thermometer?

As the mercury is heated it expands and as is cools it contracts. It is used because it also heats and cools in even intervals that are easy to track in a metric system.

Car heats while still but cools when driving?

make sure there's enough coolant in the radiator.

What causes surface temperature changes on the ocean?

The Sun heats, evaporation cools. These cause the changes in tempeature.

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