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if the fuses are good and the lighter element is good but no power, you probably have a burnt lighter assembly. there is a fusible link behind the assy, where you push the lighter in, you gotta remove it and see if it burned, probably is, replace it. good luck.

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Why does a cigarette lighter blow fuses when you put it in?

This is usually caused by a bad socket. When you put the lighter in it grounds out the positive and negative wires. Change out the socket and lighter and it will work fine.

what adapers will work to plug my PalmOne into a ciggarette lighter?

Any cigarette lighter adapter designed for the PalmOne will work fine. They are all, for most purposes, exactly the same.

06 Mazda 6 cigarette lighter fuse?

cant fine the fuse for cigaratee ligher in mazda sports6 2008

If you have already replaced the fuse what else do you check on a 98 Mustang cigar lighter second power outlet that doesn't work?

The cigarette lighter might not be any good. I checked my fuse in mine and it was good and i took the old cigarette lighter out and replaced it and it worked fine. They are like $3-$4 at Wal-Mart.

Which fuse is the cigarette lighter fuse in a 2004 Range Rover HSE?

the one inside the console i do believe. its the one i use and it works fine

Can a cigarette lighter in a 1997 Rav4 be replaced?

Easy. Pop the face panel off that surrounds it and the lighter assembly simply pops out the back with a little coercion. If I remember correctly, I had to put new end connectors on the leads, but it was fine. Good luck.

How do you fix the cigarette lighter in a 1991 MR2?

one solution is to check the 2 prongs in the lighter unit..sometimes they get pushed apart and dont hold the lighter in place to heat up...push them back together and it should work fine, but dont push them in 2 far or they wont let go of the lighter once its heated up.

Lighter works but horn doesnt Chevy cavalier 96?

The cigarette lighter (I'm assuming that's what you meant) is on a separate fuse than the horn. Check that fuse, if the fuse is fine then your most likely culpret is the actual horn switch in the steering wheel.

Where is the fuse for Chevy uplander cigarette lighter?

it is fuse 25 under the hood of the car in tha fuse box but I put in a 20 fuse amp because that is all I had and works just fine.

Where is the Cigarette lighter relay on a 91 Honda Accord you have checked all fuses and the wires to the lighter are dead?

The relay is up inside the dash on the left (driver side) end. One can reach it from below with appropriate acrobatics. Refer to this link for more details: This article also goes through troubleshooting so it will be useful for you all the way around.

How do you change a cigarette lighter in a Toyota Avalon?

In my 96 Avalon there is a screw in the outside bottom of the ashtray cover that when removed exposes the lighter. I did not discover it until after I had forced the entire ashtray past the stops by pushing on the stops with a screwdriver. I knew that was not correct, but it did work just fine and I was able to reattach my lighter which had come loose and kept blowing fuses.

How do you fix a 1995 Jeep Wrangler Cigarette Lighter?

on my 95 wrangler i checked the fuse box under the dash and hood, and no luck, all the fuses were fine... so i followed the wires through the body and under the hood. i found that the hot wire went behind the battery and had a fuse spliced into it before going to the fuse box this fuse was fried. i replaced it with a 15 and my cigarette lighter now works

How do you remove cigarette burns from an acrylic tub?

Fine wet sandpaper

What is the fine for first offense dropping a cigarette out of the car?

It depends on the state your in

Why is the nozzle hole of Bunsen burner is much smaller than the gas inlet?

You want to be able to fine-tune the amount of flame for delicate procedures-- more the size of a cigarette lighter or stove burner and less like a flame-thrower.

Are cigarette car adapters good for your car?

If correctly installed they're fine.

How do you get the germs off a used cigarette?

By lighting the filter quick and then smoke its fine

How can you run a 16 volt in-car DVD in a car with a 12 volt battery?

Go to Radio Shack and get a plug in convertor (plugs into the cigarette lighter socket) and run it off of that. For about $20 you can get a selectable voltage item that should do just fine.

What is the fine for possession of cigarette papers?

I really don't think there is a fine for carrying papers but if I'm wrong the fine would be 25 to 100 dollars depending on the officer

How do you fix a cigarette lighter that will not work on a 1995 Toyota Avalon when the fuse is fine?

It could be that the lighter coil is burnt out. The coils are replacable and do burn out with use. My 96 Avalon had the same problem. I took it to a Toyota dealer to get it checked out. The Lighter itself had to be replaced. It is a pretty big job, as alot of the dash has to be removed. With the parts, it cost a little less than $250.00. My'95 did the same thing. Apparently the lighter had worked itself loose and shorted out on some change from the coin tray nearby. The repair is NOT difficult. Remove the ashtray/drawer assembly: Looking closely, you will notice a tab on either side of the drawer that prevents its removal. With a screwdriver, carefully pry between the drawer and the area with tab, and the assembly will come completely out. You can now replace the failed lighter.

2000 Jaguar XJR Both cigarette lighters work fine Howerver if you plug your cell phone adapter into either one of them you cannot get a charge Any ideas?

I have a 2000 XKR convertible but it only have 1 lighter. It also did not work with the cell phone charger. I tried several adaptor and finally found one that would engage the contacts and charge. It was from Advance Auto Parts and it was one that has a cord and lets you connect 3 devices to the one connection. Barry

You cant get spark on my geo storm but the coil is fine?

Ignition Control Module.

Does fine china absord cigarette smoke?

no it dont, it may turn it yellow but you will not have the smell of smoke

How can you recover the damage done by one cigarette?

just do not smoke again 1 day you will be fine

What happens when an ignition coil gets wet?

Nothing. Just dry it off an it will be fine.