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their are a list of codes that you can put in to turn the radio i can get them for you if needed


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The code came with your car. The tiny metal number that came on the same keyring as your keys has this unique number.

"their is a 4 digit code that is needed to be out in for the stero to work which can only be accessed by your local Suzuki dealer their is 31 different codes" Not always, I work at a car rental company and we are having the same problem. I talked with the service manager, who we do alot of favors for, and he said that some Forenza radios are not from the factory even though they look identical. He called the radios manufactuer for us and the rep said that he didnt know of any codes for their radios. If you have a list of these 31 numbers I'd love to get a hold of it. This is the second time we have had this problem and Id like to keep from having to buy another stereo at WorstBuy. Try this site -- -- it worked for me twice.

The sticker on the side of my 6hp two stroke Suzuki OB reads 100 to 1. Unsure of the year.

How do you reset the stereo system when it reads SEC 1999 Toyota prado it looks like it has been done 9 times before

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Mine does the same thing. Is it a cd-rw? If it is, the stereo has a really hard time reading them. Mine does that too. Is it a cd-rw? If it is, it will have a hard time reading it.

It reads the disk and sends the signal out the red and white cables into your T.V. speakers.

Yes. You're basically just copying the music. Your PC reads the information off of the disc, stores the information, then applys the information to another disc. It will not erase information from the disc.

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Hello Dear, The MAP Sensor in a Baleno 2000 is attached with Throttle body and can be seen clearly. It reads Sensor Pressure and in most Balenos the make is of USA.

It is stored as binary code - etched onto the silver surface as microscopic 'pits' The laser reads the pits through the clear plastic covering, and converts the information back into music.

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