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If you are friends, ask him if you like me. Then If he says yes say yes and if you don't like him like him say but as a friend. If you do like him like him say yes I do like you like you. If he is an enemy or some random person tell the truth. If he is your crush say yes but don't make it seem too desperate and don't giggle while you are talking. Guys hate that.

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As a guy i would tell them because honesty is the best policy, and if he asked that then he obviously likes you, and he will be scared away if you say no

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ask him out. if he likes you back he'll never forget how you started dating.

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Q: What do you do when a guys ask you if you like him?
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Why do women find it difficult to ask you out?

Girls like it when guys ask them out it is the guys job to...... just like texting.... girls like it when guys text them first it makes them think you care..... its the best thing todo, try talking to her as a friend and tell them what you like in girl when girls ask out the guy first and what not..... but girls like it when guys ask first :) <3333

What do you say when guys ask why you like them?

the truth

Are you supposed to ask guys out?

if you like them, then yeah.

Why do guys hate when girls ask questions?

Guys don't like girls to talk a lot and ask many "Qustions" , Because they like you to do what they want to do not what you want to do .

How do you dance at school parties?

Only guys ask questions like this. Guys don't dance.

Do guys like smooth legs?

Most guys in the US seem to, but ultimately you will have to ask your partner.

Should you ask out a guy or wait for him to make the first move?

Ask him out, guys like that.

Guys not to be raceist or anything but do you like light eyed blond girls or Mexicans?

That's a hard one to answer because it depends on who u ask different guys will have different answers u can ask what do most guys like with if u ask me is light eyed blonds

What do guys like to do at birthday parties?

haha don't ask

Do you wait for the perfect guy or try some guys who ask you out?

If you don't go out with guys, how will you find out which is "the perfect guy"? You should go out with all the guys which ask you out, but only if you like them too...

Why does guys look at you for do they like you?

confront him ask him y he is look in at u

How do you get a lot of guys to like you?

This is a hard question to answer because there are lots and lots of guys out there and all have different personalities and interests in girls. Ask around! What i mean by asking around is start talking to guys you are attracted to and ask what there interests are. Do they like hair up, or do they like long hair or do they like make up or straight hair. Doing this can get you noticed guys.