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When hatching duck eggs I put a wet sponge in the incubator when it starts to dry out wet it again- and always use warm water. 2 clutches? Do u have more then one hen? I find it odd shed do that.. are all the eggs in one nest? A mallard could well hmm hatch 8-10 eggs i think. I would suggest you do one of two things: (a) Cull the excess eggs because it is unlikely she will be able to hatch a very large clutch of eggs successfully. As tempting as it may be to try to let her hatch out 2 dozen or more, you are probably wasting her time and yours. (b) Invest in an incubator for the excess eggs. However, I have been told by poultry people that duck eggs can be difficult to hatch because of moisture/humidity concerns.

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Q: What do you do when a mallard hen has two clutches of eggs at the same time?
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What time of year do mallard ducks mate?

Female mallard ducks mate, lay eggs and the eggs hatch in the spring.aprilish time

How many eggs do alligators lay at a time?

They lay them in clutches of 30-60 eggs in each clutch.

What month do mallard ducks lay their first eggs?

march spring time

Is a loggerhead sea turtle born alive or in an egg?

Turtles lay eggs in what is called "clutches" where they lay around 70 to 100 eggs at a time.

How much time a day does a mallard duck need to sit on her eggs to make them hatch?


How should you control the temperature and humidity on two different clutches of duck eggs incubating in the same incubator at the same time with different hatch dates?

There's no need to. Some will just hatch sooner than others.

Do Mallard Ducks lay their eggs at one time?

Mallard females lay one egg a day. They can lay up to 12 eggs in the nest, the eggs remain dormant until the female has finished laying, she then sits on them to incubate the eggs. It can take about three weeks for the eggs to hatch, this way, all the ducklings hatch within hours of each other, and are ready to follow the mother as a group.

How many eggs do little blue penguins lay?

Little Penguins lay two eggs when they mate.Fairy penguins lay two eggs at a time, and might manage 2-3 clutches in one season..

Why does a mallard hen stay in a nest in area outside our office with tall grassy plants for over 2 weeks when there are no eggs?

She has claimed the area for her nesting place, in time she will lay eggs or move on.

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How many offspring does a parrot have?

A parrot will usually lay and hatch 2 to 4 chicks each time she sits. Most parrots will have 2 clutches of eggs per year.

Do chicken lay 2 eggs at the same time?


What if mallard mom leaves nest?

It depends on the length of time. The duck will leave from time to time to feed or to continue mating (a mallard can hatch ten or more ducklings at a time). Before she vacates the nest, she will cover them heavily with feathers to provide insulation to keep the eggs warm and to keep them camoflaged from view until her return. Once she starts sitting, if she vacates the nest without covering the eggs, it most likely means she was scared off the nest by a predator, in which case she will need to return soon or lose her brood.

Incubation time of a mallard duck egg?


When do finches lay their eggs?

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Is a mallard duck a night animal or a day time animal?

A mallard duck is a day time animal. It spends it days swimming in ponds and catching food at the bottom of the pond.

What is the texture of snakes eggs?

Hard but smooth at the same time

Will all the eggs hatch at the same time?

Eggs of the same species have the same incubation time, usually a period of two or three weeks. If a bird laid an egg every day for five days but delayed incubating the eggs (keeping them warm by sitting on them) until all five eggs were laid they would all hatch at the same time. If the same scenario were true but the bird started incubating the first egg right away, the eggs would all probably hatch on different days. Eggs of different species have different incubation times.

How do you tell if a ducks egg is live?

Mallard ducks will lay their eggs over a few days and when they are done, the hen will start staying on the nest so they hatch about the same time. If the eggs have been there for more than a week and no hen in sight, the eggs are duds. Our Hen had 6 eggs, 2 hatched and she was with those two from then on. The other four eggs remained in the nest and she never returned. They were duds. She stayed at the pond and slept with those two at the pond for the next 6 weeks, never returning to the nest.

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all breeds of pigeons will lay two eggs at a time always being male and female when they hatch. it is very rare to get two females or two males from one set of eggs. the parents will lay a batch of two eggs a few times a year!!Wood-pigeons lay several clutches of two eggs per year from March to September

Why do all duck eggs in a nest hatch at the same time?

no fraid not