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What do you do when a rabbit has babies?

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Hi . ihave experienced 2 rabbits having babies. my first rabbit had 3, one died with bad constipation and the runs. i have now got baby bunnies which are babout 2 weeks old. it is best to leave the baby rabbits and leave the mother to nurse them. if you keep looking and touching the nest, she will abandon them, also i advice you not to touch the bunnies as the mother will smell you and realise. she will then kill them and eat them as she sees you as a threat!! i left my baby bunnies until i saw that they were coming out of the nest. i hope this helps.. if you would like to ask any more questions or any questions about my answer, i am really happy to help. thankyou for reading. :)

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bring ur rabbit in sie or the babies can get a disease bring ur rabbit in sie or the babies can get a disease bring ur rabbit in sie or the babies can get a disease bring ur rabbit in sie or the babies can get a disease

Her babies will probably die. If you have another rabbit that has babies you may be able to give them to her.

You will need to feed the babies and if the mom was a wild rabbit, you do not need to introduce the babies to pellets.

No a rabbit must mate before having babies!

A rabbit can have 2-10 babies at once.

a satin rabbit can have up to 10-12 babies.

Eat her babies? I do not think a mother rabbit will do that! It's her babies. Why would she eat them?

Yes or the female rabbit will be pregnant constantly and the male rabbit MAY eat the babies.

it can have multiple babies.

No, you need a boy rabbit and a girl rabbit in order to have babies.

no a female rabbit can't get babies at the age of two months. at least they can get babies at the age of four months.

three to five babies for a small rabbit and five to eight babies for a large breed.

A rabbit can have up to 13 litters a year and each litter can have 2-10 babies. Therefore, the most productive rabbit, by these statistics, can have 130 babies in a year.

A mother rabbit may be pulling out the fur from her babies to clean them. Animals clean their babies in many different ways.

The father rabbit will kill the babies if you don't separate them.

Its what mother rabbit do sometime to keep safe her babies

Age does affect how many babies a rabbit will have. The older the rabbit gets the less babies it will have or it may not be able to reproduce at all.

A rabbit the first time having babies may only have around 1-4

Yes, The father rabbit plays no role in raising babies. The mother and babies are on their own.

Spaying a rabbit means that it is no longer able to have babies

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