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you go to your cub condo then press your furry friend two times then you can see your sounds

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2010-02-06 15:47:28
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Q: What do you do when you get the spots game where is the sound in Build-a-Bearville?
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Where are the spots on buildabearville?

You can find most of the Sportsplex on Buildabearville It is right next to the Bear University and the Neighborhood.

Where are the spots in buildabearville?

there are lots of blush and pudsey spots and the are everywhere but i cant tell you where they are because i havent done the challenge yet!!!!!! ir you want to meet me on buildabearville my name is ellie2hip1200 hope to see you soon.

Where is the spots on buildabearville?

Pawforming arts centre On the farm At the sunshine shores marina and at the entrance in the waterfall

Where are the hearts on buildabearville?

BuildAbearVille is a babv

Where is the under water marine safari photo game in buildabearville?

under water.

Is there a game where you make an avatar for kids?

theres club penguin,millsberry,buildabearville and moshi monsters

What is a fun game for boys and girls online?

A fun game i know of is nicktropolis on nick .com and buildabearville .com! Hope I helped!!

Why is buildabearville underconstrusun?

They are only in constuction on buildabearville to upgrade it , or make it better.

On buildabearville how do you get a wheelchair?

im really sorry but you cannot get wheelchairs on Buildabearville :D

How do you quit babv?

How do you quit buildabearville You can't quit buildabearville. Though you can give your buildabearville account to your friends or something or you can never go on it again and remove all your friends on buildabearville (This answer may be wrong in a couple of years).

What are the white spots on your dahlia bulbs?

White spots sound like a fungus or powdery mildew.

Is there a podcast for Buildabearville?

no... i don't think so. if you want lots of fun go on buildabearville

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