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What do you do when you have an abandoned vehicle on your property and you want to obtain the title?


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Abandoned Vehicles on your PropertyThere is a form to fill out at your dmv office, then you wait about a month to get the owners info back from dmv, cause there might be a lien on it, if there is a lien on the car the dmv will give you there contact info, so you can call the lien holder to tell them to pick it up, if i were you and the car has a lien on it i would charge the bank something like 30 dollars a day storage so you make a good chunk of change off them, If there is no lien on the car , all you will have to do if fill out the dmv form try to contact the owner like twice then goto the court and get a title... IF THE CAR HAS A LEIN AND THE BANK KNOWS YOU HAVE THE CAR THEY WILL TRY TO TAKE IT FROM YOU INSTEAD OF PAYING YOU STORAGE.

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  • If it is on your property AND it is abandoned, depending on your state's laws you can go to the MVA and give them the year, make, model, VIN numbers and ask for a title. You may also need to get a piece of paper from the municiplaity or county enforcement agency (like the police) stating that the vehicle is abandoned. The the MVA can get you a title.
  • It is according to the year of the Vehicle. for many of the older vehicles the titles will be purged from the states system so you may want to get`a new title from a Title service like They can also get titles for newer vehicles that have been abandon in most states and in short tme.

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If the property owner or person in lawful control of the property wishes to obtain ownership rights to the abandoned vehicle (Which has been on their property for more than 30 days), the legal owner of the vehicle must be identified. To identify the vehicle owner, the property owner or person in lawful control of the property must request a title and lien search from the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

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hot wire it and drive it without a title, that would be great.... partially answered my question, the car is not in canada.... its in new york

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Contact the MVD (Motor Vehicle Department) and do a title search. You will need the vehicle VIN and there will be a fee.

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Apply for lost title, once received, illegally sign the back of the title, and pay the taxes and the vehicle is yours.

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If the vehicle is salvage property, say recovered from the side of the road by a tow truck company contracted by the DOT to do so, and all outstanding storage fees have been paid, contact the DMV to obtain a salvage title. If you are a mechanic or repair shop, and the vehicle was abandoned and you have made every attempt to contact the owner to claim his property and pay his debt, file for a mechanics lien with the local district court. Wait another thirty days, and file for repossession of the vehicle with the same court to cover the outstanding costs. Once you obtain a legal order for repossession, you contact local law enforcement to report the vehicle repossessed, and file for a new title with the DMV.

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