What do you do when you have concussion?

Adult should not go in to work for 5 weeks or only go in to work 3 day a week

cause , work is stressful, and you could cause more damage and tension to your head.

If you are a Young adult 13 or older you should not have permanent time off school cause of your education, but i do strongly recommend you/your child does half days in school and ask for any work to be collected or sent to your home address, so you or your child will not miss out on their/your education, if you trust your child and the teachers trust your child this could help. (Same of this information applies to adults as well (above))

Because walking around all day will not be very help full and great to do when you have concussion. Because all you want to do is really lie down and that the best thing to do.

Concussion symptoms are dizziness's, constant neck and head pain mild or strong and you might feel faint.

From Liam Wolvenam