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I think I would go for three strikes and you're out.

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What lines stood out fern hill?

Nobody really know

What Morgan believed in or what he stood for?

What he stood for: Inventor of a type of traffic signal and a respiratory protective hood. What he believed in: I don't really know.

Can you give a sentence using the word boldness?

The sign's boldness really stood out.

What did malala yousafzai stand up for?

She stood up for getting an education and girls in her country couldn't.

How can you use miniscule in a sentence?

In the all white room, the minuscule drop of blood really stood out.

Why did you get stood up?

Sometime people get really scared, especially if this is one of their first relationships/dates. You should talk to the person who stood you up and see what happened. Maybe something really important came up and they just didn't have time to let you know.

Is stood an adverb?

No, the word stood is not an adverb.Stood is a verb, because it is an action.

What is the meaning of Couldn't drive ducks to water?

A better man stood in two shoes

What is the presnt perfect tense of stand?

it is standing---The present perfect tense of "stand":I have stoodYou have stoodHe/she/it has stoodWe have stoodThey have stoodIs standing is the third person singular in the present continuous.

Why is Stewie Griffin evil?

He's not really evil. He began the show angry that Lois, as he saw it, stood in his way.

What is the past particle for stood?


Who sings the main theme for Twilight?

there isn't really a MAIN theme song for twilight but i think the one that stood out most that everyone really LOVED was Decode by Paramore

Use stood in sentence?

i stood for my rights.

What part of speech is stood?

Stood is a verb.

Were Aphrodite and Athena ever friends?

The goddesses Athena and Aphrodite were never really friends. Athena was a virgin goddess and stood against love, which Aphrodite stood for. Plus, before the Trojan War, they were rivals for the golden apple marked 'To the Fairest'.

What is a good sentence for veranda?

The mother called the children inside as she stood on the veranda. "We should really get the veranda fixed", said Father.

What is josh mceachran's salary?

£6000 a week he went to my secondary school, really good at the game, stood out a mile. one to watch

What is an example of a question using the word stood?

Was it you who stood over there?

How many syllables are in the word stood?

Stood has one syllable.

Is stood the past for stay?

No, "stood" is the past tense of "stand".

What did Helen Keller stood for?

She stood for a democratic union and psychology

What is past participle of stood?

Stood is also the past participle.

What is the alliteration in The Day the Falls Stood Still?

Stood and Still

What is the past tense of stood?

Stood is the past tense of stand

Is stood a homophone?

No, but stood can mean rose, which is a homophone of rows.