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You either clean it up or you superstitiously throw it over your left shoulder. maybe whilst yelling out a chant, though the throwing is for the most part sufficient.

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Q: What do you do when you spill salt?
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If you spill salt what should you do?

Clean it up

What happens when you spill salt?

nothing, be sure

How do you get rid of a snail in the kitchen?

you just spill salt on it

What do you do if you spill soda on carpet?

use a stain remover, maybe a bit of salt

Why is it bad luck 2 spill salt?

Salt was once used as part of the salary of Roman soldiers. To spill salt is to spill (loose) money, which most of us see as bad luck. The antidote to spilling salt, is to throw a bit of it over your left shoulder. The devil is said to sit behind your left shoulder waiting to see you do something that will allow him to harm you. By throwing the salt over your left shoulder you will be throwing it into the devil's eye and he can't see that you should have bad luck.

Country considered good luck to spill salt?

According to Global Gourmet the answer is Japan.

What shoulder do you throw salt over after you spill it?

over your right shoulder with your left hand

What state did the 2010 oil spill happen in?

The major BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill took place off the coast of Louisiana. A smaller oil spill also occurred in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2010.

What does don't spill salt mean?

1. Make economy. 2. A sign for bad luck.

What is the saltshaker Cures?

well some people believe that its bad luck if you spill salt by mistake..and others believe that its good luck because salt is an earth element. it really depends on your perspective on it.Answerwell some people believe that its bad luck if you spill salt by mistake..and others believe that its good luck because salt is an earth element. it really depends on your perspective on it.

How do you clean up a Clean molasses spill?

Use salt water, as was used in the Boston Molasses Tragedy of 1919. Warm salt water works best.

Why do some people throw spilt salt over their shoulders?

Because if you spill it, it is bad luck, so to prevent it people throw salt over there left shoulder

Is it still bad luck if you spill chicken salt?

Nope. Never was. It is, however, bad luck to believe in superstition.

Will this gigantic oil spill directly affect household tap water on the mainland in the US and neighboring countries?

No it should not as the oil spill is in salt water. Unless a city on the coast near the spill draws their drinking water from the ocean and desalinates it it shouldent effect the population on the gulf coast

Does salt water float on top of fresh water?

i think not becuz when you put salt in water it turns like a fog and when you spill it the sal is on the bottom of the cup....and yuh can test it out..

What part of speech is the word spill?

Spill is a verb (to spill) and a noun (a spill).

What are the three example of superstition?

Do not spill salt, walk under a ladder, assemble 13 people round the same table, and so on.

Suppose you prepare 500 mL of a 0.10 M solution of some salt and then spill some of it What happens to the concencentration of the solution left in the container?

If the spill occurs after solution of the salt is complete, the concentration of the solution left in the container remains unchanged, because by definition of solution, the amounts of solvent and solute spilled will have the same proportions as in the original solution.

When was the last oil spill?

the last oil spill was the oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico

What happens if you throw salt over your right shoulder?

You then have salt on the floor. The myth is that if you spill salt, you have to throw some over your left shoulder or you will have bad luck. Although it is just a myth, many people who don't consider themselves superstitious do it anyway, "just in case".

Where was the biggest oil spill in the world?

The The Deepwater Horizon oil spill, also referred to as the BP oil spill or the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is the worst Oil spill known in the history.

Does superstitions practically exist?

Many superstitions do have a practicla basis, such as not walking under a ladder, or not breaking a mirror. These are both supposed to give a person seven years of bad luck, but in reality they are also simple safety hazards.Other superstitions, such as throwing a pinch of any salt you spill over you left shoulder, are based entirely in religion. The pinch of salt you throw is intended to frighten off/hurt the devil that will appear when you spill salt.

What cliche is spill the?

Spill the beans, perhaps?

What are the positive effects on a oil spill?

Oil spill=Oil Oil=$ Therefore Oil spill=$

How do you use spill in a sentence?

Don't spill the beans.