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If you still have feelings for him, tell your bff to back off!:)

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โˆ™ 2011-11-27 15:25:22
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Q: What do you do when your best friend hangs out with your ex boyfriend?
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What do you do if you like your ex-boyfriend's best friend?

EX boyfriend? Well why don't you just ask him out?

If a girl has a boyfriend but she loves her best friend who is her ex boyfriend still?

then she should leave her boyfriend and do something about the love she has for her best friend..

What do you do if your ex best friend is going out with your ex boyfriend when you really like him?

'Ex' means the relationship is over and unfortunately, that means that you ex boyfriend and ex best friend can date whomever they want no matter how much it hurts you.

Is it wrong to be upset that my family hangs out with my ex-boyfriend?


What should you do when your ex boyfriend likes your best friend?

not worry about it. its ur ex

What to do if my boyfriend is still best friend with his ex wife?

dump him

What are you supposed to do when your ex boyfriend is with your best friend?

Obviously, your best friend is not your matter how much you are over the ex, a friend would realize that is wrong.

Your best friend is dating your ex boyfriend?

She isn't a very good friend, ex boyfriends are off limits!

Why is your friend's ex want you?

well my best friends boyfriend wanted me. i didn't know why but he did and then when he asked me out i said no because he was my best friend's ex and he asked why and i said "because your my best friend's ex and its not right"

What do you do to get your ex boyfriend back but not hurting his girl that is your best friend?

talk to her she will understand if she is your friend

What do you do when your still in love with your ex boyfriend and your best friend flirts with him?

kill her

Should i date my ex-boyfriend afetr he cheated on me with my best friend?


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