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Nothing. Just accept the fact that he is friends with his ex or move on. He won't ditch his best friend for you, a guy is more likely to ditch the girlfriend for his friends. Girlfriends come and go, best friends are for life. My best advice, make her your friend too and he will love that about you.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-05 04:52:20
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Q: What do you do when your boyfriend's best friend is his ex-girlfriend?
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What should you do if your exgirlfriend is dating your best friend but thinks she might still like you?

if your girlfriend AND your best friend turned on you- wow- that must hurt

How do you tell your boyfriends best friend that you are dating his best friend?

you should try asking your boyfriend to talk to him

You need to be slapped?

Because you slept with your boyfriends best friend.

What do you do when your boyfriends best friend is a hypocrite?

Nothing it's not your fault

Your best friend likes your boyfriends best friend and he has a girlfriend is it weird if they holded hands as friends?

No. Just tell your best friend that he is taken. It is her decision from there.

What should i do if i like my boyfriends best friend?

Either break up with your boyfriend and purse the best friend, or do nothing.

How do you know if your boyfriends best friend liked my friend?

well he looks at her alot talks to her alot

What does it mean when your best friend has too many boyfriends?

She's a tramp?

How do you get your ex boyfriends best friend to ask you out?

just ask him yourself

Is it wrong to be jealous of your boyfriends best friend because he knows more about your boyfriend than you do?

no it is not right to be jealous of your boyfriends best friend because he has known him for over a decade and there are things that you will learn so you know as much about your boyfriend but there are things that you know about your boyfriend that his best friend does not

Do you fancy your boyfriends best friend?

I have had crushes on my boyfriend's best friends, but I never did or said anything about it.

Why is your boyfriends best girl friend is over protect of him?

cause she wants him secretly

What should i do if my boyfriends best friend likes me and i like them both?

Make a choice.

What if you like your boyfriends friend and he likes you 2?

if you really like this guy, even though he is your boyfriends best friend, you have to let you r boyfriend go. if you like him more then your boyfriend, its ok.

Your best friend is dating your ex boyfriend?

She isn't a very good friend, ex boyfriends are off limits!

A friend is a present you give to yourself-definition?

a friend a someone who has sex with your exgirlfriend when you turn around

Is your exgirlfriend jealous about you dating her best friend?

She may or may not be, but it isn't her business. It's between you and her friend, and the best she can do is be supportive, if not of you then at least of her friend. If she has feelings of jealousy she should keep them to herself; any other reaction on her part would be immature and insecure.

Is it ok to date your ex-boyfriends best friend?

Maybe. My daughter married her ex's best friend. They both discovered her ex was a jerk.

What does it mean if you have a dream that you made out with your boyfriends best friend?

It could mean that you would like to.

What if your boyfriends best friend broke up you and your boyfriend and you didn't want to and your boyfriend won't talk to you?

Get the friend to talk to him and if the friend won't slap the friend in the face

What to do if your boyfriends best friend is a girl?

tht depends if ur tht best frend trst me this has happened to me before

Is it bad to have way more interst in your boyfriends best friend and not them how can i tell his friend feels the same way?

break up then ask his friend how does he feel about you

What do you do if you like his best friend?

If this is your current boyfriends best friend it would be best to take some time to yourself to sort out your feelings as you cannot possibly be commited to one while having feelings for another - especially his best friend.

What do you do when you think your in love with your guy friend who is also youe boyfriends best friend?

When you feel that the time is right, you should tell him that you love him.

Is best friends the same as girlfriends and boyfriends?

not really. if u wanna go out with them like as boy friend and girl friend ask them.