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Well if you think he already knows and maybe cool with your answer then just tell him the truth. He'll appreciate the fact that you are telling him the truth but if he seems conservative and hasn't had the same amount of relationships and sex as you have then just lie to him. Then someday if he finds out about the truth , tell him you loved him so much that you were afraid he'll leave you if you had told him the truth, he may find that romantic or he may leave you after accusing you of not trusting him. Thus decide by what he might do. On the other hand if he really loves you then he'll forgive you and continue to love you just as much so telling him the truth will serve two purposes : It will show you how much he really loves you and it will save you from the burden of guilt. Let the truth prevail:)

2007-06-22 05:09:31
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Q: What do you do when your current boyfriend is asking you about your past relationships and your sex life with them?
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