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If your friends ditch your for there boyfriend then they are not really your friends. Girls ditch girls because of low self esteem. They think the guy will give them the support they need to feel good. Your friends will get dumped and then come back to you hoping you will give them the support they need. My advise, find stronger friends who believe in friends before boyfriends. Guys Come and go Girlfriends are for life.

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Why do your friends trying to ditching you with no reason?

There will be at times when "friends" or so called friends, have that personality or even jealousy and does not want to have nothing to do with you, so they diss you somehow or someway.

Is picking up a guy on girls night out and ditching the girls forgivable?

It matters if your friends have a car....

Why do my friends keep ditching me?

It might be because you have changed or maybe that they have changed split ways and left you behind.

How do you become friends with guys?

Easy, just start to talk with them a little bit at a time, and then they talk to you

What can you do to get this guy to like you?

If you are friends with that guy you guys can hang out for along time and soon he will start to like you

How do you make news friends with guys when all you have are girl friends?

well its hard to make guy friends without them coming onto heres what i suggest.....make friends with guys that either have girlfriends ....are older than you....or are gay.....just start talking to some guys and dont talk about guys stuff theyll think your just sucking up. our doomed just like i am

Are you a ladies man?

Just be yourself and ladies will start loving you. I'm completely weird and I have more friends that are girls than friends that are guys.

How do you stop being shy around guys?

Try and hang out with guys or hang around guys to get used to them. Maybe start out being friends with a guy before you go any further

Why do I always make someone angry?

I make people angry too. I don't know why! If your friends start ditching you or something, then it's not worth it. Other than that, don't make jokes that are hurtful. I'm sorry that is all I can say...

Do guys like when their friends like his girlfriend?

Guys want their friends to like their girlfriend but nothing more........ They don't want her to be liked by his friends as much as he likes her........ Guys just want their friends to accept her and be ok with it but not love her...

Tulisa ditching her man cos she's famous?

No, she's happy so she's not ditching him.

Can guys and girls be best friends forever?

Sure! There's no reason they can't be! It's good for guys to have girls that are just friends to them, and it's good for girls to have guys who are just their friends too.

CAn you still be good friends with a guy that was almost youre boyfriend when you guys would make out and mess around and then he dediced for you to friends but we were friends in the start?

you dont be his frend you could be his friend.... but is really weird...... trust me........

Why would a guy that you have been friends for years suddenly start making comments about you meeting other guys and saying things about other guys and you?

This may sound really awkward if you've been friends for a long time, but he may like you. It's something about guys. I was friends with a girl for six years and all of a sudden I started to like her. Idk, it might be that he's jealous.

What are the release dates for Ditching Party - 2010?

Ditching Party - 2010 was released on: USA: 2010

What if you like a girl and other guys like her what do you do?

you ask the girl if they like you and if she does start hanging out with her but if she doesn't like you than ask to be friends and then shell start liking you more!

How do you know if your boyfriend gets jealous when you talk to other boys?

I think that when your boyfriend is jealous of your guy friends he will start to be around you more and when your guys friends come around he will completely ignore them and try keeping you all to himself. Another way is when he sees your guys friends talking to you or hugging you he gets mad.

Do guys tend to get close to your guy friends rather than your girl friends to get close to you?

yes guys feel more comfertable around guys if they hang out aroung ur girl friends he might get feelings for her

A guy can be friends with a female?

Yes, guys can be friends with a girl.

Is spongebob and his friends dudes cool guys or really cool guys?

really cool guys

How do you feel comfortable around guys?

Become friends with tons of guys.

Are All Guys Into Skinny Girls.... most of my friends are thiner then me and have all had boy friends and i havent had one and no guys seem to be into me but always my friends and i am a bigger girl?

Of corse not. But if you start to feel like your fatter than you should be go up to your local gym and do a few workout or get into yoga. Good luck!

If a boy is mean to you around his friends and when he is not with his friends he is nice to you?

In my own opinion, guys who aren't nice to you around their friends but is nice when his friends aren't there are guys who are embarassed or ashamed to be your friend, and aren't good friends or partners.

What does it truly mean when a guy says 'let's just be best friends' to end the relationship?

I am not sure but he may have realized that you guys are better off as friends..He may like you but like someone else at the same time so by saying something like this he has you around too...How did the relationship start?Were you guys best friends before you guys were boyfriend girlfriend?These are the key questions..

What should you do when your girlfriend ditches you all the time to hang out with your friends?

Talk to her, ask her why she's always ditching. if that doesn't work out just break up with her