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Does she live close to you?

If the travel isn't very far then dump her because obviously if she isn't caring about making effort then she isn't worth it

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Q: What do you do when your girl friend refuses to visit you for a month?
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What to do if your best friend is flirting your girl friend?

It could be an innocent mistake, consider talking to him about it and asking him to back down. If he is a good friend this should resolve the problem. If he refuses you should consider getting better friends.

Why would your guy friend who's not close to you keep wondering when you will visit him but doesn't care when others will visit and you're a girl?

Is he in a hospital or something where he cannot visit you otherwise.

My girl friend will go low on me but she won't eat the semen how do i get her to and what if she refuses?

Honestly its her choice. The only way you can make her is to get her by surprise, but if you do you may be single very soon.

Does christain beadles have a girl friend?

he started dating ashlea crossland, about a month ago. but nothing serious.

You want to go visit for 3 days you have no girlfriend but you need like this friend who will share with your enjoy where you will get that friend?

I think that you should invite your cutest girl friend (just friend) and just have a good time.

What is the meaning difference between the words girlfriend and girl friend?

girl friend is a friend that is girl and not a best friend and girl friend is best friend

If a girl gets a friend to ask you out but is with her and then run away were they serious well that was a month ago and the most i have heard from either is her friend saying hi once and a while?

you here it in her voice

How do i show my guy friend this girl ain't a girl he should be hangin around?

You let him know through communications. Talk to him and give him details of the fact you have. If he refuses to listen or accept your words, leave it at that point, do not press on, someday the truth will come to light.

What does it mean if a girl's guy friend who's not close to her is always wondering when she will visit school but doesn't care when others will visit?

It means that he cares for her, but just doesn't want to be in atthis time.

What is your girl friend?

a girl friend is a girl you are datingsome1 u love how is a girl

Is little Bow Wow dead?

No he's 25 and has a few month old baby girl named Shai with ex girl friend Joie Chavis and is and is signed with YMCMB

What do i do the girl i like and me are going to different schools in 4 days me the high school her still middle school i already asked her out about a month ago she said no should i try again?

Yeah, ask her again and if she says no again, try to be a friend of her. Ask her number or even email so you can re-locate her. If she refuses and you see no hope, just move on.