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I would encourage her to persue her relationship with the other man. If she is yours she will come back if she isn't she never was. Either way she will be impressed by your confidence. I would also go date the sexy coffee girl while she is out with the ex. What is fair is fair right. Odd are she won't go through with it and there is something else standing in her way, probably you in some way.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-30 05:12:14
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Q: What do you do when your girlfriend of almost a year admits she loves you but also still has feelings for her ex and these feelings are preventing her from making a lasting commitment to you?
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What makes a relationship so fun and long lasting?

Relationships are long lasting if there is trust, compatibility, and strong feelings of love and commitment. If you feel truly connected to the person you are able to be yourself, allowing you to share experiences and have fun together.

What does it mean when you dream you gave birth to a baby?

This is a dream about personal accomplishment. It expresses your feelings of having achieved something significant and lasting. It may also reflect more responsibility and commitment than you have had up until now.

How to repair a relationship and what to say after acting psycho to my girlfriend?

apologize to your girlfriend first, then sit down with her and have a real conversation. Explain to her your feelings and how that lead to your actions. Explain to her that you understand that you have made a mistake, and apologize once again. Communication is key if you want to have a lasting and meaningful relationship.

A mood disorder long lasting feelings of hopelessness?

Bipolar-clinicaly depressed

Feelings of sadness or moodiness are classified as depression when?

they are long lasting and interfere with daily functioning.

What does it mean when you dream of being engaged to someone?

This suggests that the dreamer has made (or is about to make) a lasting commitment to someone or something. For example, the engagement could symbolize a commitment to a new career, college enrollment or entering some sort of contract.

What is the medical definition of depression?

The medical definition of depression is a disorder that is characterized by long-lasting mental suffering preventing one from enjoying life and inflicting a perpetual state of sadness and feelings of worthlessness upon a person. It is an illness that inflicts the mind and medically disables someone from living up to his or her healthiest emotional capacity.

Do the zodiac signs Taurus and Gemini make a good long lasting couple?

With a little work & commitment as well as well established lines of communication, yes.

What drove George to break up with Susan?

Jerry did unfortunately when he told George he broke up with his girlfriend. George and Jerry made a deal that they would both finally have a long lasting girlfriend.

Why do you tell your girlfriend that you love her when you dont?

That is because your true perception of love is concealed by the feeling of infatuation.To put it in other words, infatuation are the good feelings you get when a relationship just starts out and both the boyfriend and girlfriend are all over each other. At this point you feel very in love but in reality this is simply infatuation, which is similar to love, but it is very short term and is not as emotionally deep and long lasting.These feelings are what cause you to pronounce your love to her when it is not true.

How easy can it be to get a girlfriend?

It depends, some are easy some are hard depending on you and the girl. If you want a girlfriend with a loving and lasting relationship, get to know her first and become good friends and maybe she will also see you guys are perfect.

Is it long-lasting or long lasting?


How was Hillary Clinton childhood?

Hillary as a child already build her foundations of her lasting commitment to family, work, and service were established.This helped her to shape her role and action as U.S. First Lady.

What is the comparative and the superlative degree for lasting?

more lasting, most lasting

How do i tell my girlfriend when we roleplay each day that I'm not that into it anymore?

communication is a key thing to keep a relationship lasting, so just talk to her nicely and tell her

What to do when things have gone worst between me n my girlfriend?

If you don't deal with the problem, the issue will continue. So first identify the problem, and find a lasting solution to it.

Is lasting a verb?

Lasting is an Adjective.

What is the word Temporary means?

lasting only a while. lasting only a while. Lasting only a while Lasting only a while Lasting only a while

Why do men of all ages cheat?

Some men can be immature and have no plans to commit to a steady relationship with a woman of any age; they are self centered; selfish and seldom consider the others feelings or care to understand how much they hurt someone's feelings. Some men just love women, but the honest men will admit they love women and any relationship they have will not be a lasting one and they want to remain free to date as they wish without any ties of commitment and then it is up to the women dating him if they accept his honest proposal and expect a fun time with him without any commitments.

Why isn't there a vaccine for HIV?

This virus has an unusually high mutation rate causing it to change preventing a vaccine from being developed that will be effective against it for a long enough period of time to produce lasting immunity.

What does it mean dreaming of that you are giving someone a wedding dress?

The dream could have several very different interpretations, but it is best to follow the basic principle that all the persons in your dream represent parts of yourself. That would suggest the wedding dress is for yourself, that you are giving yourself permission to make a lasting commitment. Note that the wedding dress is itself a symbol and could represent any sort of binding commitment. It does not necessarily involve marriage or a relationship. It could represent a binding contract or commitment of any kind.

Can a long distance relationships survive?

Yes, of course!! Long distance is not a gauge whether a relationship will work or not. It depends on the couple themselves. Commitment is the key to a lasting relationship. When you are contented with your partner, a long distance relationship will definitely work.

How do you have a long lasting relationship with your girlfriend?

well, evry relashonship is different so i can't tell you how to make it ast, but i can tell you to use random acts of kindness. Flowers, breakfast, and .... you get it

What does it mean when you dream your girlfriend with another guy but in the dream you are not dating?

This dream strongly suggests that the dreamer knows, at some level, that the relationship with this girlfriend is not a lasting one. In real life, the dreamer might be in denial, so the mind creates this dream to nudge the dreamer to face facts.

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